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AAWT – Australian Alps Walking Track
ACT Border Markers
….. ACT Border Map
….. Johnston Line
….. Mouat Line
….. Sheaffe Line
….. Notes of Interest
….. Contributing Walks
….. Reference Blaze Trees
….. ACT Border Walk
ACT High Hills
….. ACT Trigs
….. The ACT’s Percys
….. Mt Gingera
Some uses for ACTmapi
Armchair Bushwalking
Blogging Techniques
Bushwalking Clubs
Bushwalking and Navigation hints:  Information Bit(e)s – short bits of practical info 
Canberra Nature Park – walking in the 39 Nature Reserves
….. Goorooyarroo geocaching
GPS handhelds/GNSS devices
….. Garmin MAP66i GPSr Set Up and Use – some thoughts
….. Garmin Epix Gen 2 Set Up and Usevery initial thoughts
….. Garmin Connect Recording
….. (no-cost) OpenStreetMaps on your GPSr
….. Garmin Oregon 650 GPSr
….. GPS 101: An Introduction to Effective Use of Your GPS
Grading of walks
High Country Huts
ICE (In Case of Emergency) | 000
Leading a Walk
Local Names
Map of Walks 1-300
Map Reading and Navigation
Murray Dow Walk Articles
Namadgi Footpads
NSW nearby High Hills
Navigation and Bushwalking hints:  Information Bit(e)s – short bits of practical info
OziExplorer Tips and Tricks – a bit old, but some of it still relevant
Paddling the Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers
Planning a Walk

Particular Points of Interest

Download the ACT Oracle, a gpx file of 3000+ POI in the ACT

6 68 blaze
A AD16 blaze,  Alexander Brayshaw’s 1879 Hut site,  Alexander Brayshaw’s 1883 Hut site,  Ashbrook (John Stauntons) site, Ashton Homestead site, Austin A40 ski tow at Mt Franklin
B Baby Crawford plaque,  Banks Hut (aka Max and Berts (Oldfield) Hut),  Bendora Hut,  Bill Ginns Hut site,  Birrigai Time Trail multiple sites – Maxwells, Greens, Tennis Courts, Gibraltar School, Birrigai Rock Shelter, Scientific Grazing Plot, Blue Range Hut,  Blythburn Cottage,  Boboyan Homestead sites,  Bogong Creek Bridge and boardwalk,  Bogong Creek Bridge site,  Bog Hut site,  Border Marker A42 Survey Blaze and Basalt site,  Brandy Flat Hut,  Brayshaws Hut,  Bridle track (footpad) to Rendezvous Creek,  18 Brindabella weirs – Blue Range, Blundells (Tinkers Creek), Bulls Head, Bushranger, Condor Creek, Cpt 97, Cpt 99, Ferny, Greens, Honeysuckle Creek, Howells, Lees Creek, Marshalls, Pago, Piccadilly, Sunny Corner, Uriarra, Warks,  Brumby Yards (site 11), Budjan Galindji Nature Reserve, Bulls Head Fire Tower site,  Burnt Camp site,  Bushfold Flats Shed site (Russ and Muriel Read’s 1957 Hut site),  Bushfold Hut (rebuilt),  Bushfold Shearing shed/Read’s 1-stand shed,  Bushfold Sheep yard adjacent to Bushfold Hut,  Bushfold Sheep yard near Bushfold Hut,  Bushfold Covered Sheep Pen (‘Bushford’ site)
C Calvary, Canberra Nature Park – walking in the 39 Nature Reserves, Chalkers Chimney,  Chalkers Hut site,  Chalkers Stockyard site,  Camellia Garden near Hurdle Creek,  Church Rock Heritage Loop multiple sites – Sid and Annie Flint’s Milking Yard, Sid Flint’s Pine Trees, Pine Windbreak, Flints Homestead, Sheedy’s Home Site, Church Rock Valley School, Old Tidbinbilla Road, Dallender’s Spring and Old Vegetable Patch, Church Rock, Old Vegetable Patch, Communication Tower sites, Concrete ford under Orroral River,  Condor Hut,  Cotter Hut,  Crawford Homestead (Old Station) and orchard plantings,  Crawford-Perry Hut site
D David Brayshaws cairn,  DD Survey blaze at NSW border on Maurice Luton fire trail, Demandering Hut,  Drop log fencing on the Boboyan Divide,  Dry-stone walls above Glendale Crossing,  Dungarvon,  Duncan McKeahnies 1884 Hut site,  Dunns Hut c1910 site, Duntroon Ski Hut site, Dwyers Hut site
E Edward Brayshaws Hut site,  Edward Brayshaws Hut site/Sam Abouds Dunny and Hut site,  Eucalyptus oil distillery – Hurdle Creek
F Federal Golf Course old clubhouse site, Fishlock/Fishloch Yards,  Flying Fox site over Gudgenby River,  Flying Fox site over Orroral River,  Footpad to Rendezvous Creek,  Foresters Hut,  Fork Fencing on Sheep Station Creek,  Frank and Jacks Dip,  Frank and Jacks Hut,  Frank and Jacks Original Hut site
G Gauging station at confluence of Stockyard Creek and Cotter River,  Geodetic Observatory,  Gibraltar Homestead site,  Gipps House complex site,  Glenburn/Burbong historical precinct multiple sites – Glenburn Shearers Quarters and Shearing Shed, Colverwell Graves, Glenburn Hayshed and Yards Ruins, Glenburn Homestead, Site of Kowen Public School and Charcoal Kilns, Glenburn Sheep Yards and Dip Ruins, Glenburn Hayshed remains, Site of Kowen Copper Mine, Ruins of Colliers Homestead, Ruins of Curleys Hut, Ruins of John Coppins Homestead, Argyle Ruins,  Glendale amenities block,  Grassy Creek Sheepyards, Gubur Dhaura, Gudgenby cultivation patch,  Gudgenby Footbridge to Ready-Cut Cottage,  Gudgenby Homestead,  Gudgenby Homestead sheds,  Gudgenby old fencing supports,  Gudgenby small stone wall,  Gudgenby Stockyards, Gungaderra Grasslands Nature Reserve
H Hines Hut site,  Honeysuckle hayshed site,  Honeysuckle Hut (Dan McMahons) and Stockyard site,  Horse Gully Hut,  Hospital Creek Hut
I Inglewood Homestead site
J James Brayshaws Hut site, Jim Andersons shower site,  Jim Westermans Hut site,  John Brayshaws 2 Huts site,  John Owens Tidbinbilla Homestead site,  Joseph Greenfields or T Brayshaws Hut site
K Kinlyside Nature Reserve
L Labyrinth on Mt Ainslie, Landing ground near Rendezvous Creek,  Laurel Camp site,  Lees Creek Camp and Nursery site,  Lone Pine Homestead,  Lone Pine Homestead mixed exotics,  Lutons Crutching Shed,  Lyrebird Observation Hut site
M Martin McMahons post 1902 Hut site/Bushfold Hut remains,  Michael Herbert memorial,  Middle Creek bridge,  Middle Creek Yards site,  Mrs Mathesons grave site,  Mt Clear Homestead site,  Mt Clear water tank,  Mt Franklin ski chalet site/information shelter,  Mt Franklin Road 7½ Mile survey blaze, Mt Majura sites, Mt McDonald fire tower, Mulanggari Grasslands Nature Reserve, Mulligans Flat School site,  Mulligans Flat shearing shed
N Naas Creek 2 bridges site,  Naas Creek fork fencing,  Naas Creek valley timber bridges,  Naas ford,  Naas windmill,  Nadjung Mada Nature Reserve, National Botanic Gardens Alpine Annex,  Nil Desperandum,  Norman and Esma Curtis House site,  NSW Portion Survey reference tree, Nursery Swamp Rock Art Site 1 (NS1), Nursery Swamp Rock Art Site 2 (NS2), Nursery Swamp Rock Art Site 3 (NS3)
O Old Boboyan Rd (South) Unnamed Hut site,  Old Koala Enclosure,  Oldfields Homestead site,  Orroral Cattleyards and ploughed paddock,  Orroral Homestead,  Orroral Homestead – old site,  Orroral Homestead – new site (Gregorys),  Orroral Hut (upper valley) site,  Orroral loading pen and cattle ramp,  Orroral Picnic Ground –  Tank Stand site, Amenities Block, Weir and Flow Meter,  Orroral River Footbridge site,  Orroral Tracking Station Sewerage Ponds,  Orroral Valley stockyard (upper) site,  Orroral Valley stockyard (mid) site,  Orroral Valley stockyard (lower) site,  Orroral Woolshed precinct
P Paddy Moores Hut site,  Paddy Smiths Hut site,  Patrick McLaughlins Hut (mid Orroral valley) site,  Pierce Hill Communications Tower,  Pierces Creek Forest Unnamed Hut site,  Potters Chimney,  Pryors Hut
R Radio transmitter tower on Tidbinbilla Ridge,  Rayners Saw Mill site,  Ready-Cut Cottage,  Reedy Creek Hut site,  Reg Brayshaws Hut site,  Rendezvous Creek Walk – 2 Bridges and bush furniture,  Richard Brayshaws Hut site,  Richard Moores Cottage site,  Rock Valley Homestead,  Rowleys Orroral Hut site,  Rowleys Rendezvous Creek Hut site,  Rowleys Rendezvous Creek Stockyards and Robinia Grove
S Sam Abouds Dunny and Hut site/Edward Brayshaws Hut site,  Sam Abouds Stock Pen,  Sediment control structures ‘Fall-downs’,  Shed by Naas River site,  Sherwood historic site,  Sinclairs Hut site (near Frank and Jacks), Sinclairs Hut and well site,  Slalom Hut site,  Smiley Face/Baby Face Space Antennae site,  Stockyard Arboretum Hut site, Stockyard Gap Ski Hut siteStockyard site beside Mt Tennent Fire Trail Stockyard between Demandering Hut and Horse Gully Hut site,  Stockyard site East of Smokers Trail – Northern,  Stockyard near Horse Gully Hut site,  Stockyard overlooking Bulls Flat Creek,  Survey blaze X43,  Survey mark above Bulls Flat Fire Trail
T Tanks above Orroral Tracking Station,  Tennent Homestead site,  The House that Jack Built site,  Thomas Brayshaws Hut site, Tidbinbilla Skyline access and walking routes, Tidbinbilla Warning Siren,  Tin Dish School site,  Tom Rolleys Hut site,  Tongs Sheepyard site, Tuggeranong SidingTuggeranong Stone Wall
W Waterhole Hut,  Waterhole Hut horse holding yards site,  Waterhole Stockyards,  Weather station – Cotter Hut Rd,  Weather station – Mt Franklin Rd,  Weather station – Naas Creek valley,  Weir on Hurdle Creek,  Westerman Graves,  Westermans Homestead,  Westermans sheep dip, 1874 William Ginn Ruin, Woolshed and Yards near southern ACT border site
Y Yankee Hat, Yards above Grassy Creek Fire Trail site,  Yards beside Old Boboyan Road site,  Yards near Cotter Hut site,  Yards on Stockyard Spur site

Points of Interest in nearby NSW

Brindabella Mountain fire tower in tree site,  Bulls Head forestry settlement dump,  Coree Hut, London Bridge, Mt Blundell Prospect,  Old ‘Little Ginini’ ski run,  Stockyard Gap Ski Hut site,  Yards by Sams Creek Fire Trail,  Yards near Mt Ginini

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