Last updated 15Apr22

G’day – If you’ve arrived here, you’re either family, a mate or like bushwalking around Canberra (and in nearby NSW). If it’s your first visit, have a look here for helpful information. Please email me any questions, or comments or suggestions for walks, or if you’d like to join me on an up-coming walk.

Any walk coming up that’s listed below with a * is a Canberra Bushwalking Club walk that I’m leading and anyone is able to join as a CBC guest; any walk with a ! is a private walk that I’ve put together and you’re welcome to join. I trust you’d appreciate that, for the safety and cohesiveness of the party, I have the responsibility and right to vet party membership. A walk without either marker is led by someone else. This is a regularly updated blog – come back to get the latest.

Yarra and happy feet. john evans