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Sites of Significance in the ACT

In the early-mid 1980s the National Capital Development Commission published a ten volume series called Sites of Significance in the ACT. It’s available for reference at the ACT Heritage Library in Woden and additional copies are available to borrow. It identifies, locates, describes and has pictures of significant historical, cultural, geological, botanical and zoological sites in the ACT. Twenty years on, these sites are still fantastic to visit, even though some have deteriorated. With this reference material in hand, there’s a new dimension to wandering around in the bush.

An interesting contact in Sep13 from Neville Rosengren (Geomorphologist – Honorary Associate, La Trobe University) who was the principal consultant to the the NCDC for the project. Neville was the author of the geology and geomorphology sections of these volumes, with initial input/assistance from Mike McRae-Williams. He also co-ordinated the biological (Phil Gilmour, Carole Helman and Ken Green) and cultural studies (mainly Kari Barz) and wrote/edited the drafts of the reports submitted to NCDC. The work was commissioned by the Environment Section of NCDC under the initiation of Dr Gary Scott and with supervision by Phil Kendall. Neville said “the project ran over several years in the early to mid-1980’s and was well-supported by NCDC – both financially and in kind. It was a great pleasure to work in a supportive environment with Gary Scott and Phil Kendall. Phil did a terrific job in producing the 10 volumes to print.”

Below is an ever growing list of the sites I’ve visited. I’ve used the publication’s identification and naming (hopefully this does not breach copyright) along with the date of my visit and my pic of the site. I’ve not published a location – if you want to visit a site, go and look up the reference material then find it on the ground, that’s half the fun. But if you do get stuck, give me a hoy – I had 3 goes to find PT11 and Paul N had to eventually show me the way.

Additional material available via password

Photos are available.


Description and Location
(from Sites of Significance in the ACT)

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B4 Ginninderra Creek – Macgregor 25 Jul 10*

SoS B4 Ginninderra Creek winds through Umbagong District Park

B5 Axe-Grinding Grooves – Latham 25 Jul 10*

SoS B5 – Latham axe-grinding groove

B11 Mt Painter 20 Jul 09*

Mt Painter

G1 Honeysuckle Creek Swamp – Near western end of the swamp on Honeysuckle Creek, just west of the road to Booroomba Rocks 29 Jul 08*

Australian Anchor Plant?

Honeysuckle Creek Swamp SoS in the ACT Site G1

G2 Rock Flats – About 4km west of the Lunar Laser Ranger station at the head of Rendezvous Creek and on the divide with the Cotter catchment 21 Jun 08
13 Nov 07*
27 Mar 07

Rock Flats

G3 Mt Orroral – Approximately 5km east of Cotter Flat, forming the headwaters of Rendezvous Creek numerous times
21 Nov 06
9 Aug 06
22 Oct 05
20 Aug 05

Looking back SE along the Orroral Ridge

G4 Rollys Hut (Rowleys Orroral Hut) – In the Orroral valley 2km north-west of Orroral Tracking Station (burnt) see link to POI for dates visited

Rowleys Orroral Hut site

G5 Orroral Homestead – Southern side of Orroral valley 1km south-east of the Orroral Tracking Station and 500m west of the Orroral River see link to POI for dates visited

Orroral Homestead and kitchen chimney

G6 Old Orroral Homestead – Approximately 120m south-east of Orroral Homestead see link to POI for dates visited

Line of 13 stones (OR3, SoS G6)

G7 Nursery Swamp – Approximately 4km west of the Namadgi National Park Headquarters at Glendale Crossing 20 Jun 15
numerous times
16 Jan 08

2 Apr 05
11 Jan 03*

Nursery Swamp

G8 Additional material available via password
G9 Rowleys Rendezvous Creek Hut – 4km north-west of Gudgenby Station on the walking track to Rendezvous Creek art site see link to POI for dates visited

Rowleys Rendezvous Creek Hut site (W-G G7;SoS G9/KHA 241)

G11 Glendale Geological Site – Road cutting 3km south of the Glendale Depot of Namadgi National Park 5 Apr 08*

Discontinuity between Adaminaby Beds and Shannons Flat Adamellite

G16 Mt Gudgenby – Approximately 8km south-west of Gudgenby Homestead, near the headwaters of Naas Creek 30Sep-2Oct 06*
12 Nov 05

Mt Gudgenby trig

G17 Yankee Hat Archaeological Site – The sites lie on the lower eastern slopes of Yankee Hat mountain at an elevation around 100m and is in the shelter of two boulders of Shannons Flat Adamellite 22 Jul 08*
26 Mar 05
5 Feb 05
24 Nov 04
10 Jul 04*

Yankee Hat Aboriginal rock art

Yankee Hat indigenous rock art second site

G18 Bogong Creek Swamp – Between the Old Boboyan Road and Yankee Hat, and surrounded by Gudgenby Pine Plantation 25 Aug 09
22 Jul 08*
5 Apr 08
12 Nov 05
10 Jul 04

SoS G18 Bogong Creek Swamp

G19 Gudgenby Station – Western side of Gudgenby River near junction of Hospital Creek see link to POI for dates visited

Gudgenby Homestead

G20 Frank Oldfields Pines Hut (Frank and Jacks Hut) – 500m west of the Old Boboyan Road 5km south-west of Gudgenby Station see link to POI for dates visited

Frank and Jacks Hut

G21 Oldfields Hospital Creek Hut – Headwaters of Hospital Creek about 400m east of the Old Boboyan Road see link to POI for dates visited

Lazing about at arvo tea at Hospital Creek Hut

G22 Hospital Hill – North-south trending ridge 1km west of the Boboyan Road and 6km south of the Gudgenby River crossing 21 Jun 06*

Negotiating the scree slopes on the spur to Hospital Hill

G24 Naas River Gorge – Naas River channel and lower valley-side slopes commencing about 800m north of the junction of Naas River and Reedy Creek and extending for approximately 1.5km along the valley 3 Jul 07 No pic available
G26 Horse Gully Hut – Adjacent to the Naas River fire trail 8km north-east of the Mt Clear campground see link to POI for dates visited

Horse Gully Hut

G27 Curtis Refuge Hut (Demandering Hut) – 200m west of the Naas River fire trail and 6km north-east of the Mt Clear campground see link to POI for dates visited

Demandering Hut

G28 Left Hand Creek – massive aplite dyke forming a knick in the creek 27 Oct 09*

Aplite dyke across Left Hand Creek

G31 Upper Naas Creek Valley – Site 2 – Downstream from the junction of Sheep Station Creek near the crossing of the Naas Creek by the Old Boboyan Road 24 Jun 08
18 Mar 08*

Bridge 1 over Naas Creek

G32 Sheep Station Creek Fence – Valley of Sheep Station Creek 1km west of the junction with Naas Creek see link to POI for dates visited

Remnant fork fencing across Sheep Station Creek

G33 Sentry Box Mountain – At the southern end of the Scabby Range, on the south west border of the ACT 28 Nov 06*
3-4 Jul 04

Sentry Box Rock from Sentry Box Mountain

G34 Lonesom Pine Homestead Ruin – Beside Sheep Station Creek 2km west of the Naas River see link to POI for dates visited

Lone Pine Homestead ruin

G35 Boboyan Trackway 24 Jun 08 not properly identified
G37 Boboyan Homestead complex – Beside Old Boboyan Road 2.5km north-west of the junction with the Boboyan Road see link to POI for dates visited

Boboyan Homestead chimney

Boboyan graves

G38 Grassy Creek Hut (Waterhole Hut) – Valley of Grassy Creek 4km north-west of Westermans Homestead see link to POI for dates visited

Waterhole Hut

G39 Grassy Creek Sheepyards (under Pheasant Hill) – Northern side of Grassy Creek on the south-western slopes of Pheasant Hill 1.5km north-west of Westermans Hut see link to POI for dates visited

Stockyards near Pheasant Hill

G40 Brayshaws Hut – Beside the Boboyan Road 2km north of the ACT-NSW border see link to POI for dates visited

Brayshaws Hut

G41 Tin Dish School – About 100m south east of the Boboyan Road opposite Brayshaws Hut see link to POI for dates visited

Tin Dish School site

G42 Grassy Creek Hut Site (Charles Potters) (Potters Chimney) – Northern side of Grassy Creek 800m upstream (south) of the junction with Naas Creek see link to POI for dates visited

Potters Chimney W-G BR13 SoS G42

G43 Grassy Creek Tussock Grasslands 25 Jul 09
G44 Westermans Homestead – Southern side of Grassy Creek 1km north-west of the Boboyan Road and the ACT-NSW border see link to POI for dates visited

Canberra Womens Adventure Group walk all over CBC guide at Westermans Homestead

G45 Border Basalt Geological and Historical Site – Small plateau on the ACT-NSW border 2km west of the Boboyan Road 13 Apr 10
24 Jun 08*

Where the marker rail was originally nailed BM264

G46 Border Fault Quartz Geological Site – 1km due west of the Boboyan Road on the ACT-NSW border 24 Jun 08*

SoS in the ACT G46 Border Fault Geological Site

G47 Mt Clear Hut Site (Chalkers Chimney) – Beside a small tributary of Naas Creek approximately 2km south-west of Mt Clear and 2km north of Top Flats see link to POI for dates visited

Chalkers Chimney

G48 Long Flat – Near the southern border of the ACT, south-west of Mt Clear 14 Sep 05*

Long Flat

GH10 Percival Hill 23 Jul 22*
25 Oct 09

Percival trig

GH13 Mulligans Flat Woodland 28 Jul 09
18 Jan 07*

Gum in flower on Mulligans Flat

GH14 Thomas Gribble’s Home (The Valley) – Near Gundaroo Road, north of Gungahlin Hill 16 Jul 22*

Thomas Gribble’s The Valley site

GH15 Pipe Clay Pit – Gubur Dhaura 16 Jul 22*

Gubur Dhaura Geology and mining signage

GH18 ACT Border Marker – Gungahlin – X4 peg there, 13 Mile marker gone 1 Jan 10*


GH19 Gungahlin Hill 27 Sep 09*

Gungahlin Hill Nature Reserve

GH24 Gungahlin Quartz Ridge 28 Jul 09*
25 Jan 22
5 Feb 22

SoS GH24 Gungahlin Quartz Ridge

J1 Mugga Mugga Historic House – S of Hindmarch Drive, E of Mt Mugga Mugga 1 Mar 09*
visited with Gay $5pp guided tour

Back of Mugga Mugga Cottage

K1 Glen Burn Creek – Historic Site A Homestead B Graves C Woolshed – Valley of Glen Burn Creek 4km east of Kowen Forestry Settlement, Kowen Forest see link to POI for dates visited

Glenburn Homestead

Colverwell Graves

A 34deg day at Glenburn Shearers Quarters and Shearing Shed

K3 Molonglo Gorge – East of Sutton Road between ACT border and Kowen Forest 29 Jan 08*
13 Jan 22
23 Jan 22

Molonglo Gorge

K5 William Colliers Homestead – Molonglo River – North bank of Molonglo River in Kowen Forest see link to POI for dates visited

Ruins of Colliers Homestead

LBG15 Jerrabomberra Wetlands 16 Mar 09*

Jerrabomberra Creek in the Jerrabomberra Wetlands

LC1 Mt Coree – Northern Brindabella Range on the north eastern edge of the ACT 2 Sep 08
19 Feb 05

Mt Coree from Devils Peak

LC2 Blundells Flat and Blundells Farm Arboretum – Within the Valley of Condor Creek in Uriarra Forest 2 Sep 08
26 Aug 08*
19 Feb 05

Remnants of Blundells Farm arboretum

LC3 Mt Blundell Area – Northern Brindabella Range, spanning the ACT border 18 Nov 08
26 Aug 08*

Graffiti at the end of the adit around 30m in

LC7 Sugarloaf Hill – West of Paddys River Road, in Pierces Creek Forest 19 Apr 08*

Sugarloaf Hill from the W

LC13 Pierces Creek Falls – Pierces Creek Valley, below the Hardy Range 11 Aug 07*

Pierces Creek Falls

M10 The Oaks – Western end of Oaks Estate 10 Jun 08*

The Oaks – SoS M10

NC1 Black Mountain and Aranda Hill – Bounded by Belconnen Way, Barry Drive, Parkes Way, and including the area of Aranda Hill (Kier trig point) 30 Aug 08*
12 Aug 08
4 Aug 08
19 Sep 03

Black Mountain from the new arboretum

NC5c Mt Majura Fossil Outcrops 25 Sep 22*

Limestone in dam wall

NC6 GlenLoch Cork Oak Plantation – Adjacent to the Glenloch interchange 30 Aug 08*
4 Aug 08

Cork Oak Plantation

PT1 Cotter Caves Area – Ridge south of Paddys River 500m upstream from junction with the Cotter River 19 Apr 08*
16 Feb 05

Cotter Caves number 1

PT2 Paddys River Mine Area – Eastern side of Paddys River on spur from Bullen Range 6 May 08*

Old track at abandoned mine adit

PT4 Wet Gully – Oakey Creek – Valley of Oakey Creek extending into pine plantation 20 May 08*

Pierces Creek Forest and Spur 3 – Oakey Creek under Spur 3 from Pierce Trig

PT5 Nildesperandum (Hurdle Creek) – 2km northest of Tidbinbilla Homestead see link to POI for dates visited

Nil Desperandum

PT7 Jacks Lookout 6 Jul 10*

Jacks Lookout from Flints Crossing

PT9 Homestead Ruin and Well – Tidbinbilla (John Owens) see link to POI for dates visited

SoS PT09 Homestead ruin and well – Tidbinbilla (John Owens)

PT11 Pise Ruin, ‘Calvary‘ – Larrys Creek, at foot of Bullen Range 24 Apr 22
19 Jul 19
25 Aug 18
23 Jan17
24 Jun 14
20 Jul 13
6 Jul 13
29 Jan 11
29 Nov 09
4 Aug 07


PT12 Additional material available via password
PT13 Gibraltar Peak – North west of Corin Road and east of Tidbinbilla 1 May 07
15 Oct 05*

View from Gibraltar Rocks

PT14 Mushroom Rock – A group of large boulders or tors of Shannons Flat Adamellite are clustered at the summit of a small hill at the end of a ridge near Gibraltar Peak 1 May 07*

Mushroom Rock

PT16 Smokers Flat – 1km south of Smokers Gap 4 Mar 08
24 Nov 07
13 Jun 07
6 Jan 07
18 Jan 06
5 Jun 05
4 Oct 04
22 Sep 04
18 Aug 04*
12 Apr 04

A bit of snow on the Square Rock Track – Smokers Flat

PT17 Gibraltar Falls and Gorge – 10km north east of Corin Dam 3 Feb 09
12 Apr 04*

Gibraltar Falls

PT20 Blythburn Cottage – Approximately 10km northwest of Tharwa and 2km south of Booroomba Homestead 29 Aug 15
14 Sep 13
19 Feb 08
17 Jul 07

Blythburn Cottage

PT21 Blue Gum Creek – Headwaters of Paddys River, extending west from Mt Tennent 6 Jan09
28 Oct 08
19 Feb 08*

Blue Gum Creek

PT22 Mt Tennent Area – South west of Tharwa 8 Sep 09
16 Dec 08
27 Dec 07*
31 Jul 07
21 Oct 05
15 Mar 04

Mt Tennent from Cypress Pine Lookout

RR2 Rob Roy Range – Between Tuggeranong and the Monaro Highway 4 Aug 09
9 Sep 06
8 Feb 06*

Mt Rob Roy – stony and treed so no view

RR5 Mt Gigerline Escarpment 4 Aug 09*

SoS RR5 Mt Gigerline Escarpment

RR8 Guises Creek and Murrumbidgee River Gorges 4 Aug 09*

Climbing Guises Creek gorge

SU5 Sturt Island – Near the confluence of Murrumbidgee and Molonglo Rivers 4 Dec 07
17 Jan 04
No pic available
SU6 Murrumbidgee River Bluffs – near Molonglo Confluence (Shepherds Lookout) – Immediately below the Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre (LMWQCC) 17 Jan 04*

Murrumbidgee River flowing North from Shepherds Lookout

SU14 Lower Molonglo Gorge – Molonglo River 1-2km upstream from the Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre 30 Aug 08
4 Aug 08
4 Dec 07*

Molonglo River from cliff

SU15 Sherwood Homestead – East of the Blue Range portion of Uriarra Forest see link to POI for dates visited

NCM bushwalk homestead site – Sherwood

SU19 Bluffs and Terraces – Molonglo River – Molonglo River, approximately 1km downstream of Coppins Crossing 30 Aug 08
4 Aug 08
4 Dec 07
No pic available
SU21 Yarralumla Woolshed Complex – North of Cotter Road near Yarralumla Creek 13 Aug 05 No pic available
SU22 Cotter Pumping Station – Murrumbidgee River/Cotter River confluence 23 Dec 05*
30 Nov 05
16 Feb 05
12 Jun 04

Cotter Pumping Station and Cotter Bridge over Murrumbidgee River

SU23 Historic Ruins – Greenhills (Richard Moores stone house site) – Near the Greenhills Camp and Conference Centre (Cottermouth) see link to POI for dates visited

Richard Moore’s Hut site

SU27 Mt Stromlo Observatory Buildings – Mt Stromlo summit 26 Jul 08*

SoS SU27 Mt Stromlo Observatory Administration Building

T1 Red Rocks Gorge – Murrumbidgee River between Kambah Pool and Tuggeranong Creek 12 Oct 13*
24 Jan 09
4 Dec 04
15 May 04

View to Red Rocks gorge from morning tea

T5 Pine Island Area – In the vicinity of Pine Island picnic areas, extending down towards Tuggeranong Creek 9 Sep 06
26 Dec 05
No pic available
T7 Boundary Marker Complex – Tuggeranong – North of Pine Island near Tuggeranong Creek and extending from the Murrumbidgee River to Drakeford Drive 7 Feb 09
9 Sep 06
15 May 04*

Stone fence

T10 Wanniassa Hill Woodland – Crest of Wanniassa Hill 17 Feb 09
9 Sep 06
No pic available
T11 Rose Cottage – Near Monaro Highway/Isabella Drive intersection 9 Sep 06 No pic available
T18 Additional material available via password
T20 Tuggeranong Hill – North east of Tharwa Road, and surrounded by the new suburbs of Theodore and Calwell 3 Jan 09*

Tuggeranong Hill from Knoll 1 E

T25 Lambrigg Homestead Complex – 1km east of Tidbinbilla Road 4 Nov 07
9 Jan 07
12 Aug 06*

Graves and memorial obelisk

T28 Castle Hill – Between Tidbinbilla and Booroomba Roads 6 Aug 06*
11 Sep 05

Significant rocks on Castle Hill

T32 Tharwa Bridge – Murrumbidgee River near Tharwa Village 22 May 07*

Tharwa Bridge and Murrumbidgee River

T37 Gudgenby Confluence – Confluence of Murrumbidgee and Gudgenby Rivers, south of Tharwa 4 Aug 09*
22 May 07
4 Nov 07

SoS T37 Gudgenby Confluence

T38 Cuppacumbalong Woolshed Complex – South of Tharwa, near the Gudgenby River 9 Jun 08

Woolshed near NVC

UC1 Mt Aggie Geological Site – Summit and upper slopes of Mt Aggie in the Brindabella Range above Mt Franklin Road 15 Mar 06*

Mt Aggie comes into view

UC2 Mt Franklin Chalet – In the Brindabella Range 1km southwest of the summit of Mt Franklin on the ACT/NSW border (burnt 2003) see link to POI for dates visited

Mt Franklin Chalet site

UC3 Mt Franklin – Eastern Slopes – On the eastern slopes of Brindabella Range from summit of Mt Franklin to Ginini Falls 6 Nov 07*
17 Apr 07

On the way down to the Cotter River

UC4 Ginini Falls – The falls are on the Ginini Creek 600m upstream of Stockyard Creek and 3km southeast of the summit of Mt Franklin 17 Apr 07*
1 Mar 06

Ginini Falls

UC5 Ginini Flats – Cheyenne Flats – Morass Flats – North-east and east of Mt Ginini, in the southern Brindabella Range 31 Jan 09
1 Mar 06*

View S down Ginini Flats

UC6 Mt Gingera and Snowy Flats – The summit and higher ridges of Mt Gingera and flats at the head of Snowy Flat Creek, in the southern Brindabella Range, 6km southwest of Corin Dam wall 20 Mar 22*
21 Mar 09
17 Mar 09
9-10 Jan 09*
3 Jun 08
4 Jul 06
25 May 05

Snowy Flats

The windswept snowgum near the guyed pole grows larger as I grow older

UC7 White Sands Creek Ridge – Ridges and valley slopes of White Sands Creek and Cotter River, 2km north east of Corin Dam 4 Nov 08*

View to Cotter River from climb to SH1409

UC8 Corin Dam Geological Site – Rock exposures in road cuttings immediately east, and in the western abutment of Corin Dam 3 Jun 08

SoS UC8 Corin Dam Geological Site E side

UC9 Mt McKeahnie – Summit and southern ridge of Mt McKeahnie and upper valley of Dry Creek. 6km southeast of Corin Dam wall and 2-3km north of ‘Eighty Acres’, Cotter Hut Road 3-4 Jun 06*

Impressive granite off the W side of Mt McKeahnie

UC11 Leura Gap and Rolling Ground Gap – Two locations in the Brindabella Range bewteen Mt Bimberi and Mt Gingera 9-10 Jan 09*

Rolling Ground Gap looking W

SH1698 above Leura Gap

UC12 McKeahnie Creek Alpine Ash – In the Brindabella-Bimberi Range adjacent to the Mt Franklin Rd, between Mosquito Creek and McKeahnie Creek 4km NE of Cotter Flats 9-10 Jan 09*

SoS UC12 McKeahnie Creek Alpine Ash

UC14 Upper Cotter River – The Cotter River channel upstream from the impoundment limit of Corin Dam and extending to the upper Cotter Falls 9-10 Jan 09
8 Nov 08*
7-8 Jun 08

Cotter River close to Cotter Hut

UC15 Black Sallee Flat – Upper Cotter River valley between De Salis Creek and Cotter Flats 9-10 Jan 09
3 Oct 05*

Black Sallee Flat

UC16 Cotter Flats – Terraces and floodplain of upper Cotter River immediately downstream of the Cotter Hut 1-4 Oct 10
9-10 Jan 09
8 Nov 08
7-8 Jun 08*
12-14 Sep 06
3 Oct 05

Oldfields Homestead site on terrace and Coronet Peak

UC17 Upper Cotter Flats – Floodplain and terraces of the upper Cotter River 3km upstream from Cotter Hut near junction with Jacks Creek 7-8 Jun 08*

Upper Cotter Flats SoS UC17

UC19 Licking Hole Creek Quartz Ridge – Valley of Licking Hole Creek 1km southeast of Cotter Hut 7-8 Jun 08*

Licking Hole Creek

UC20 Coronet Peak – 2km east of Cotter Hut in the upper Cotter valley 11 Aug 09
30 Oct 07
5-6 Nov 05*

Slot up to the top of Coronet Peak from the east side

UC21 Mt Murray – Murrays Gap – Mt Bimberi – A section of the Bimberi Range in the south western section of the upper Cotter catchment 1-4 Oct 10
12-14 Sep 06*
8-9 Apr 06

SW near Bimberi Peak

UC24 Rolleys Flats – Flats and lower valley side slopes adjacent to Cotter River near Porcupine Creek junction 5km south of Cotter Hut 7-8 Jun 08*

Kelly Spur above Rolleys Flats

UC25 Upper Cotter Falls – Cotter River valley 6.5km south of Cotter Hut and at the head of Rolleys Flat 7-8 Jun 08*

Upper Cotter Falls

UC26 Big Creamy Flats – The site includes the headwaters of Creamy Flats Creek, approximately 1.5km northeast of Namadgi Peak 10 Nov 07
10 Apr 07
10-11 Jun 06*
30Sep-2Oct 06

Walking out up Big Creamy Flats

UC27 Mt Namadgi – 2km northeast of Mt Kelly as the culmination of a ridge separating Licking Hole Creek and Creamy Flats Creek 7 Nov 09
7 Nov 08
10 Nov 07
30Sep-2Oct 06*

Our objective – Mt Namadgi

UC28 Additional material available via password
UC30 Rotten Swamp – Includes the headwaters of Licking Hole Creek approximately 1km northeast of Mt Kelly 30Sep-2Oct 06
22-24 Apr 06*
2-3 Jan 06

Fog swirls from Middle Creek onto Rotten Swamp

UC31 Mt Kelly and Kelly Spur – In the south-eastern part of the Upper Cotter catchment 15 Dec 07
21-22 Jul 07
9-11 Dec 06
8-9 Jul 06
22-24 Apr 06*
2-3 Jan 06

Walking Kelly Spur

UC32 Scabby Range Lake – Saddle in Scabby Range 2.5km north of Mt Scabby on eastern side of Cotter catchment divide with Sams Creek 13 Jul 13*
15 Apr 08
8-9 Jul 06

Scabby Tarn at sunset

UC33 Mt Scabby and Upper Cotter Basin – In the Scabby Range which lies at the extreme southern end of the Cotter Valley, enclosing the source and headwaters of the Cotter River 7-8 Jun 08
15 Apr 08*
8-9 Jul 06

Repair work on the Cotter River from Mt Scabby with Mt Kelly at back

WW3 Stanley Hill 17 Feb 09
13 Aug 05
No pic