Last updated 16Oct23

Points of Interest

Here’s some POI which can be downloaded and manipulated. They might give you easier access to locations.

# Description/Format Current Version
(Date | # of entries)
1 ACT Oracle.gpx see note below re sizeACT Oracle.wpt (OziExplorer waypoint file)

ACT Oracle.names (OziExplorer custom place names to 17Jun15)

An attempt at an easily update-able (for me) and accessible (for you) list of locations.
2 ACT Border Markers, Mile Markers and Blaze Trees
Johnston Line.gpx 243 entries
Mouat Line 701 entries
Sheaffe Line 1366 entries
3 ACT High Hills – the lot 44 entries
Named hills 1500m+ 21 entries
Named hills 1400-1500m 15 entries
2 additional 2 entries
Additional locally named hills 6 entries
4 ACT Waterfalls.gpx 21 entries  11Jul22
5 ACT Weirs.gpx 17 Brindabella weirs + Honeysuckle Creek weir 11Jul22
6 Each trip report has a gpx file download

What can you do with this data?

Here’s a couple of suggestions:

Open a file in Google Earth or GPS Visualizer, or any other Trip Planning, Recording and Review using Digital Resources. (ACT Oracle may be too big for some resources. It brings GPS Visualizer to its knees on my laptop under Firefox and Edge. Works ok with Google Earth after it whirrs and grunts for a while.)

Examine the contents of a gpx file by opening it with a text editor such as Notepad.


GPSBabel is free software allowing the conversion of data between GPS systems and mapping programs. Download it from here.

See here for the data formats GPSBabel can handle.