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Worn Boot Bash

According to legend, this annual event was begun by Rob H in 2002. The rules were that it had to begin and end at a particular house in Kambah, involve around a 30km walk and ‘a few hills’.

From 2007, the Kambah origin was relaxed. In 2008, under threat that #1 would be repeated (this involved wading the near-freezing Murrumbidgee at an early hour), a wimpish substitute was conducted. Real day-walking returned in 2009. No WBB was scheduled in 2010 and, again, a relatively wimpish one in 2011. After a hiatus in 2020 and 2021, a new leader rose to the challenge.

My record of these annual events is:

# Year Event Description
19 2023 Saturday 28 October: (A proper) The Worn Boot Bash We will start off with a brisk walk up Stockyard Spur, followed by an active recovery walk along the Mt Franklin firetrail. We climb Mt Ginini, and then commence our descent via Harry’s Spur, before we go off-track. Eventually we will find ourselves at Little Ginini Mountain, it will probably be lunchtime by then. When we descend from Little Ginini Mountain, we will come out at Pryor’s Hut, and then we will make our way along and up to Mt Gingera. After admiring the view, it will be time to descend all the way down to Corin Dam. Leader: Noelia P.
18 2023 Friday-Saturday 13-14 January: Worn Boot Bash #18 Friday-Saturday 13-14 January 2023: Canberra Centenary Trail Sections 2+3 – Horse Park Drive to Hall (aka urban fringe Worn Boot Bash) * – L/E-M. Keen on walking at night, or want to try it? Let’s walk the northern section of the CCT, combining most of stage 2 with stage 3. Around 32km and 800vm, starting from Horse Park Drive and walking through Goorooyarroo, Muligans Flat and across to Hall. An opportunity to do only 13km to Forde, if you leave your car there when we set up the car shuttle. We’ll do a couple of Goorooyarroo hills before it gets dark. This trip could be regarded as an urban fringe Worn Boot Bash (Gooroo Hill, Oak Hill, One Tree Hill) and qualifies for RU⇧4it! Start at 6pm, finish around 3am or so – night walking is a bit slower. Car shuttle required. Bring plenty of tucker from the 5 food groups – salt, fat, sugar, chocolate, coke. A head torch is needed, preferably with a red light option so we don’t destroy our night vision. Sunset at 8:21, just see at 8:50.
17 2022 Saturday 26 November: Worn Boot Bash #17 To Sentry Box Mountain. Leader: Noelia P.
2021 Due to Covid restrictions no WBB was held.
2020 Due to Covid restrictions no WBB was held.
16 2019 Saturday 19 October: Worn Boot Bash #16 Saturday 19 October: CBC Annual Worn Boot Bash – L/E. The annual Worn Boot Bash has a history extending back to 2002. It is defined by “around 30km and a few hills”, so don’t be fooled by the E(asy) terrain rating. This year we will walk the last long day of the Australian Alps Walking Track, from Orroral Valley to Namadgi Visitors Centre. Hills include NmC105 at the collimation tower site on the Ridge of Stone, SH1353 above the Booroomba Rocks cliffs and Mt Tennent. An early start! Around 33km and 1500m climb. Maps: Corin Dam and Williamsdale. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877 . Transport: ~$20 (multiple vehicles for long car shuttle).
15 2018 Saturday 13 October: Worn Boot Bash #15 Saturday 13 October: WBB – Mt Clear – L/M. Our annual madness: ~ 30 km with a mountain or two. This is the same as last year: Mt Clear car park, Sam Aboud’s Dunny, Long Flat, border trail, Mt Clear, northerly spur off track down to Demandering Hut, Naas Valley firetrail, car park. About 25km and roughly 600 m ascent. Leaders: Rob and Jen H.
14 2017 Saturday 14 October: Worn Boot Bash #14 Saturday 14 October: 2017 Worn Boot Bash to Mt Clear – L/E-M. CBC has a tradition of running a WBB each year since 2002. “… at least a 30km walk and ‘a few hills’”. Let’s walk to Mt Clear! Visit places such as Sam Abouds Dunny, walk through Long Flat and see old drop log fencing, climb onto the Clear Range via Top Flats and Teatree Swamp Flat, see an ACT border blaze tree and summit Mt Clear at 1603m. From SH1528, descend off-track via SH1397 and SH1346 to  Demandering Hut. Return along the Naas Valley Fire Trail, fording Naas Creek three times. Whew! Around 30km and 1200m climb. A looong day for robust walkers. Maps: Colinton and Bredbo. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877 . Transport: ∼$20.
2016 A trip was scheduled, but the 2 booked walkers could not make the start line with the leaders. So no walk.
13 2015 Saturday 15 August 2015 Saturday 15 August: Worn Boot Bash – L/M. This year the route is a circuit: Mt Clear camp ground to Long Flat – Mt Clear – Left Hand Creek – Horse Gully Hut – camp ground. Leaders: Jenny & Rob H.
12 2014 Saturday 8 November 2014: Worn Boot Bash # 12, combined with my sometimes annual birthday drinks on Mt Namadgi – L/R Saturday 8 November: Day trips in the Namadgi #8 – Worn boot bash #11 – L/R. Mt Namadgi via Middle Creek from the Old Boboyan road car park. A demanding day hopefully logging ∼30 km and one or two peaks. Map: Rendezvous Creek. Leaders: Jenny and Rob H. Transport: ~$40 per car.
Saturday 8 November: Mt Namadgi birthday drinks – L/R. In conjunction with the CBC Worn Boot Bash. This old codger wants company to day walk (for the last time?) to Mt Namadgi. A very long and hard trip for quick and competent walkers. Very early start. Around 30 km and 800 m climb, 13 hours walking. Maps: Rendezvous Creek, Yaouk. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877, Transport: $12 per person. Emergency contact details must be registered/provided to book. Bookings: by 2 pm the prior Thursday.
11 2013 Saturday 12 October 2013,
Saturday 19 October 2013 and Sunday 27 October 2013
on the new Canberra Centenary Trail
10 2012 Saturday 4 August 2012:
Worn Boot Bash #10
– L/E
Kambah – Hall via the new Centenary Trail. A little over 30 km. Maps: Canberra, Hall. Leaders: Jenny and Rob H. Transport: $5.
9 2011 Saturday 29 October 2011:
Worn Boot Bash #9
– L/E,ptX
Our club’s Worn Boot Bash has a 10 year history. The inaugural ‘rules’ had it starting and finishing at a well known house in Kambah and involving ∼30km and a few hills. The first, organised by Rob Horsfield in August 2002, had participants crossing the Murrumbidgee River in chest high water early in the day. If we don’t set another route this year, he threatens to repeat it! From Greens picnic area in Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, across the (ankle deep) Tidbinbilla River and up Spur 1 to the Camel Back fire trail. Bag Camels Hump, Pierce Trig and Black Spring Mountain. Return along the lower east flank of the range, taking in Nil Desperandum and other nearby sites. Around 35km and 950m climb. Fire trail is hard on the feet. Map: Tidbinbilla. Leader: John E.
2010 We were beaten in 2010, with no WBB programmed.
8 2009 Saturday 19 September 2009:
Worn Boot Bash #8
– L/R
Boboyan car park – Sams Creek – Mt Kelly – Bogong Gap – Burbidge Ridge – Middle Creek – car park ∼27 km plus a few hills. Maps: Rendezvous Creek, Yaouk 1:25,000 Leaders: Jenny and Rob H Transport: ∼64k each way, $46 per car, $11.50–$15 per person.
7 2008 Saturday 30 August 2008:
Worn Boot Bash #7
– L/E
This annual event involves ∼30km and a few hills. To balance previous years’ routes, this year’s will take in a few dales as well. Meet at the National Museum of Australia and be whisked in air-conditioned comfort along the WBB route to Uriarra Crossing. Then just walk back to your car, via the Lower Molonglo River Corridor Nature Reserve, Mt Stromlo, Dairy Farmers Hill and the new arboretum and Black Mountain. Around 12 hours walking. Maps: Canberra, Cotter Dam and Umburra 1:25000. Leader: John E.
6 2007 Saturday 25 August 2007:
Worn Boot Bash #6 – L/M
The walk for the day is usually between 30 and 40 km plus a few mountains. Guaranteed to stimulate both respiratory and circulatory systems. This year it will be to the north of Canberra. Map: ACT 1:100,000 Leaders: Jenny and Rob H. Transport: N/A.
5 2006 Saturday 9 September 2006:
Worn Boot Bash #5
– L/M
This year the route is Kambah, Mts Taylor, Wanniassa and Rob Roy, Murrumbidgee River, Tuggeranong Creek, Kambah. ∼35 km + some hills. Map: ACT 1:100,000 Leaders: Jenny & Rob H. Transport: N/A.
4 2005 Saturday 13 August 2005:
Worn Boot Bash #4
– L/M
Four mountains, 2 hills, 32km – a circuit through some of the nature parks of urban Canberra starting and finishing at Kambah. Maps: Canberra, Tuggeranong 1:25,000 Leaders: Jenny & Rob H. Transport: N/A.
3 2004 Sunday 26 September 2004:
Worn Boot Bash #3 – L/M
This is a day trip of 30 plus km and a few hills. Guaranteed to loosen every limb. This year is is from Kambah to the Cotter and return via the river track and Bullen Range. Map: ACT 1:100,000 Leaders: Jenny & Rob H. Transport: N/A.
2 2003 Saturday 30 August 2003:
Worn Boot Bash #2 – L/M
Kambah – Murrumbidgee River – Bullen Range – Paddy’s River – Pierces Trig and return. A challenge day of ∼35 to 40 km with a great peak and some delightful river crossings. It’s not a race. Times for last year were between ∼8 and 10 ½ hrs. Leader: Rob H. Details to be available nearer the date.
1 2002 Saturday 24 August 2002:
Inaugural “Worn Boot Bash” – L/R
Kambah – Pearces Corner and Return. See the preview in the May It. Those completing this challenging long day walk will receive a “handsomely scrolled” certificate to record their participation in this piece of early spring madness. Maps: Tuggeranong & Tidbinbilla 1:25 000. Organiser: Rob H. Note: Teams of ∼3. IYM walk.