Mt Namadgi views – Cotter Hut, Namadgi Spur, Mavis Ridge

Mt Namadgi views – Mavis Ridge, Lanyon Valley houses, the Tinderries on the horizon

Mt Namadgi views – Gudgenby grasslands, Yankee Hats, Mts Burbidge and Gudgenby, The Fortress, SH1733

Mt Namadgi views – Mt Kelly and the Kelly Spur

Mt Namadgi views – Kelly Spur, Mt Murray, Murrays Gap, Bimberi Peak, Cotter Hut

Saturday 8 November: Mt Namadgi Birthday Drinks – L/R. In conjunction with the CBC Worn Boot Bash. This old codger wants company to day walk (for the last time?) to Mt Namadgi. A very long and hard trip for quick and competent walkers. Very early start. Around 30km and 800m climb, 13 hours walking. Maps: Rendezvous Creek and Yaouk. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877 Limit: 4. Transport: $12 per person. Emergency contact details must be registered/provided to book. Book by 2pm the prior Thursday.

3 of us drove out to the Yankee Hat car park on Friday night. 2 more arrived on Saturday morning.

Further Information

In conjunction with the Worn Boot Bash:

Saturday 8 November: Day trips in the Namadgi #8 – Worn boot bash #11 – L/R. Mt Namadgi via Middle Creek from the Old Boboyan road car park. A demanding day hopefully logging ~30 km and one or two peaks. Map: Rendezvous Creek. Leaders: Jenny and Rob H. Transport: ~$40 per car.


Distance: 28.4km | Climb: 800m | Time: 5.40am-6.45pm (13hrs 5mins), with 50 mins of breaks | Grading: L/R,ptX; VH(15)

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Track Notes

3 of us drove out Friday evening, leaving town at 7.30pm. I nudged a roo on the way out, but no damage to either of us. Rob and Jen set up their tent, I spread out a comfy mattress in the back of the car. A cuppa in the quiet evening (except for a distant lone Mopoke) under the blazing full moon, stars, satellites and planes. A wonderful experience.

Up at 4.30am and ready when the other 2 arrived. Unfortunately a more damaging clash with a roo.

Away just after 5.30am, walking into another glorious view (which I was able to capture) – the moon setting over Mt Burbidge and the sunlight just touching the peaks. Mist rose from Bogong Creek and and the grasslands were wet with dew. Packs of dogs howled in the distant south, to be answered by others in the north. That’s about as lyrical as I got; the rest of the day was a very hard slog for me. And it’s all about reaching the destination.

My 7th trip up this hill, the others being 10 Nov 12, 6 Nov 10, 7 Nov 09, 7 Nov 08, 10 Nov 07 and 30 Sep-2 Oct 06, so I ought to have the route correct. And it certainly was the best yet, although still not easy on a day with 30°C in Canberra. We kept the water up to our bodies all day and the champers was a mere nod.

The trip runs in several legs:

Yankee Hat car park – cross Middle Creek: 4.1km 50mins
Middle Creek – cross side creek 1: 1.5km 33min
side creek 1- cross side creek 2: 1.2km in 30mins
side creek 2 – cross side creek 3: 0.9km 20mins
side creek 3 – cross side creek 4 (Kaz’s crossing): 0.5km in 11mins
side creek 4 – saddle at top of Big Creamy Flats: 3.5km in 2hrs 30mins (incl 10mins morning tea)
saddle – leave Big Creamy Flats: 0.7km in 18mins
Big Creamy Flats – Mt Namadgi: 1.8km in 1hr 20mins.

Coming home we did:

Mt Namadgi – Big Creamy Flats: 1.8km 1hr
walk up Big Creamy Flats: 0.6km 10mins
saddle – cross side creek 4: 3.5km in 2hrs 15mins
side creek 4 – cross side creek 3: 0.5km in 20mins (incl 10mins arvo tea)
side creek 3 – cross side creek 2: 0.9km in 20mins
side creek 2 – cross side creek 1: 1.1km 31mins
side creek 1 – Middle Creek: 1.6km 40mins
Middle Creek – Yankee Hat car park: 4.1km 50mins.

I was generally a bit higher on the homeward leg and that seemed a fraction better in the lower half of the return. Although we were no faster coming back as I was pretty wacked. The scrub on the leg up from Big Creamy Flats to the more open Namadgi ridge is worse than I remember.

The views of course are wonderful! Logged GC182MT Namadgi in Namadgi – it was Ian’s first find!

I wonder if I’ll ever return?


5 walkers for the combined two trips – Jill B, Jenny H (leader), Rob H (leader), Ian W, me (leader).