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AAWT – Australian Alps Walking Track

Many people have walked and documented the AAWT. Just Google it and see what you get!

Mac Kirby, Carl Turner, Cynthia Burton (and a few comers and goers) November-December 2017

I joined Mac and his team on their fifth week from Thredbo to Kiandra.

Alexander Owen March-April 2015

Alexander has kindly provided notes on some of the more difficult areas when walking from North to South and navigating using map and compass only.

Karen Cody March-April 2010

Again, there would be many experts, but the Canberra based living legends that I’m aware of are Rob H (the face and voice of the AAWT presentation at the Namadgi Visitors Centre) and Karen Cody. Karen did the trip for a second time in March – April 2010. Check out the record of her trip here.

Her trip, from S to N, was divided into 6 stages:

  1. Stage 1 – Walhalla to Mt Skene
  2. Stage 2 – Mt Skene to Hotham Heights
  3. Stage 3 – Hotham Heights to Mitta Mitta River
  4. Stage 4 – Mitta Mitta River to Dead Horse Gap
  5. Stage 5 – Dead Horse Gap to Kiandra (The official track for stage 5 is via Dead Horse Gap Track, Koscuiszko Walk, Summit Walk, Koscuiszko Road, Link Road from Smiggin Holes to Guthega Road, Guthega Road, Munyang-Geehi Road and so to the Valentine Fire Trail. This skirts the Main Range and there is an unofficial route which includes the Main Range.)
  6. Stage 6 – Kiandra to Tharwa.
My Meagre Efforts

This is just my little attempt to draw together resources that might one day assist me to cover the journey although, at the rate I’ve done a couple of little bits and pieces of it since I started walking, it will take a hundred years.

I’ve covered a few tens of kilometres in bits, as follows:

1 Cascade Trail from its crossing of the Thredbo River to Dead Horse Gap (2.5km): 26-29 Jan 06

2 Koscuiszko Walk from CootaPatamba Lookout to Rawsons Pass (1.2km): 26-28 Feb 10

3 Summit Walk from Rawsons Pass to Charlottes Pass (7.7km): 9-10 Apr 05

4 Munyang-Geehi Road from its N intersection with the Aquaduct Track to Whites River Hut turnoff (1.2km):
26-28 Feb 10

11 The Main Range unofficial route (as I understand it) departs from the official route at Rawsons Pass and goes via the Main Range Track to NE of Carruthers Peak, then via an old vehicle track passing very near Mt Tywnam, Mt Anton and Mt Anderson. The old vehicle track deteriorates into a footpad SE of Mt Anderson. The footpad continues to Consett Stephen Pass. An unmarked route through The Granite Peaks above The Rolling Ground and NE down to Whites River Hut. The official route is rejoined on the Munyang-Geehi Road (25.5km): 26-28 Feb 10

5 Grey Mare Fire Trail from the meteorological station N of Mt Jagungal to its intersection with Farm Ridge Fire Trail (4.8km): 1-2 Dec 09, 23-25 Mar 10

6 Grey Mare Fire Trail where an unmarked track joins near a feeder creek to Doubtful Creek to Mackays Hut (2.4km) 23-25 Mar 10

7 Tabletop Mountain Fire Trail from its intersection with Four Mile Hut Fire Trail to its intersection with the Mt Selwyn Cross Country Ski Trail (6.7km): 2 Mar 10

8 Kiandra to Orroral Valley (82.0km) 1-4 Oct 10

9 Link Track from Orroral Valley to Honeysuckle Creek camping ground: several times (8.8km): incl 29 Jan 05

10 AAWT from Honeysuckle Creek camping ground to Namadgi Visitors Centre at Tharwa: several times (14.1km), incl 9 Sep 08, 1 Jan 08, 25 Mar 05

11 Orroral to Murrays Gap (Bimberi Peak) (21.4km) 4 Feb 12

12 Tabletop Mountain Fire Trail from Kiandra to the base of Tabletop Mountain (13.3km) 7 Feb 12.

13 Thredbo to Kiandra. Included from Dead Horse Gap on the Dead Horse Gap Track and did the Tredbo River Track; due to bad weather, from Rawson Pass via Summit Rd then bus to Guthega; Guthega Rd to Guthega Power Station; Munyang-Geehi Rd to Horse Camp Hut; aqueduct track and Munyang-Geehi Rd to Whites River Hut and so back onto the AAWT. 114.8km 5-10 Dec 17.