Last updated 19Jun19

Tuesday Walks

Tuesday Walks had their genesis in a walk on 19 Feb 05 that Max and I did together after meeting on the Wednesday Walk of 5 Jan 05. We next walked together on 23 Sep 05, having enjoyed several Wednesday walks in the company of others since the February one. By August 2006 and in no way wishing to compete with Wednesday Walks we’d settled into regular Tuesday walks, taking it in turns to plan, organise and lead them. With a little encouragement from the CBC Walks Secretary, I was happy to advertise my Tuesday walks in the CBC walks list, the first being on 24 Oct 06. The last ones Max led were 24 Jul 12 and 12 Feb 13. He came out of leadership retirement for 26 Nov 13. Since then, Ian W, Linda G, Brian S, Roger E, Eric G, Lorraine T,  Matthew H, Philip G and Jenny H have led CBC Tuesday Walks.

CBC Tuesday Walks: (minimum M/M)

Do you have a passion for day-walking? Then turn it into an obsession on fortnightly CBC Tuesday walks! Where – usually in Namadgi, guaranteed M/M, often L/R,X. Limit of 8. Why – great walking, great views, average company, minimum mid-week crowds. One wouldn’t be dead for quids! How – Keep an eye on it and for the details of where we’re off to, or contact the leader to join an email distribution list. Leader: John Evans – (h) 6288 7235 (mob) 0417 437 877 (e); contact me by 6pm the previous Sunday.

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Would anyone else like to lead a Tuesday walk? It would be much appreciated and we’d guarantee participants. We love guest leaders!

Visitors are welcome for up to 3 walks, then I’d encourage you to join CBC if you are not a member of another Canberra walking club. If fewer than 4 walkers, these walks become private walks.

BBC Tuesday Walks (alternate Tuesdays): Organised by Max S. To receive notification of these Tuesday walks, contact Max (ask me how). Participants need to be members of BBC; or may be visitors for up to 4 walks. If fewer than 4 walkers, these walks also become private walks. The last one Max was able to lead was 24 Jul 12.