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Garmin MAP66i GPSr Set Up and Use

This is really an aid for me, but it may be useful to others, so I’ll publish it. Will be very handy if a full factory reset is required!

With health issues and advancing years slowing me down, I do a lot more solo walking so as not to hold up faster, fitter, younger walkers. My dear wife worries, so a real-time tracking system was required. A later model GPSr was also needed, so a combined handheld GPS receiver, tracking, 2-way communication, SOS device (requires inReach subscription) seemed ideal.

I work in a Windows 11, iPhone iOS environment.

Why did I get it?

  1. Very quick start up and position fix (uses an EPO (extended prediction orbit) file downloaded via Garmin Connect or Wi-Fi)
  2. Combined navigation, real-time tracking, 2-way messaging and 24/7 monitored SOS device
  3. µSD slot for memory expansion
  4. Comes with pre-loaded TopoActive AUS/NZ 2020.10 maps. (upgraded to version 2021.20 during setup) and Worlwide DEM Basemap.

Why You Might Not Want It

  1. Button, not touch screen
  2. Old style user interface
  3. Only GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) available is GPS when inReach is activated. If no inReach, GNSS = GPS + Galileo. (Additional WAAS/EGNOS available in USA and Europe).
  4. Non-replaceable battery
  5. Micro-USB port
  6. Expensive $729 from Johnny Appleseed April 2022
  7. Requires inReach subscription for SOS to work.

These disadvantages are insignificant compared with the navigation and tracking advantages.


  1. Garmin slip case ($30.00 from Johnny Appleseed Apr22)
  2. I had a 16GB µSD card from my previous GPSr. This contains all my other map sets (eg. OZtopo, various OSM)
  3. Garmin tempe wireless temperature sensor ($43.80 from Wildfire Sports Jun22, including postage)
  4. Protective red silicone case and screen protector ($39.98 from eBay Jun22, including postage)
  5. Garmin HRM-Pro Heart Rate Monitor ($148.90 from Wildfire Sports Sep22, free postage).


  1. Here. It is stuffed full of a huge number of options!

Battery Charging

  1. Connect to a USB power source
  2. Hold the power button until the screen turns off. The device goes into a low power, battery charging mode, and the battery gauge appears
  3. The battery capacity is 3100 mAh at 3.8V.

GPSr Identity

  1. Record the Serial Number from the purchase tax invoice, or via Garmin Connect (see below)
  2. Setup, About gives you access to Software Version, Unit ID, IMEI, Authorization Code, GPS Software Version, Wi-Fi MAC Address and Bluetooth MAC Address (once set up), EPO status and other items.

Mass Storage Mode

  1. With the MAP66i powered off, connect it via the (supplied) USB-microUSB cable to the computer
  2. File Manager will show a drive Garmin GPSMAP 66i (drive-letter:). After initially updating software and map (see below), storage was 12.4 GB free of 14.4 GB
  3. If an SD card is installed. File Manager will show a drive Drive-Name (drive-letter:). Any additional maps can be installed in …\Garmin\ and custom maps in …\Garmin\CustomMaps.

    Despite what the doco says, I seem to overcome difficulty in putting it into Mass Storge Mode by having the MAP66i powered on before cable connecting it.

Hard Restart

Press and hold the power button for approximately 30 seconds. No data or settings are affected.

It was useful when I left the handheld in the hot car all day. Attempting to then charge the battery produced “Too hot to charge” and the unit went haywire. A hard restart fixed everything.

Update Software and Map

  1. Download the Garmin Express desktop app from here and install it
  2. Connect the MAP66i via cable so it goes into Mass Storage Mode
  3. Start Garmin Express and do Add a Device, Add Device
  4. Select the GSPMAP 66i device and download any updates. Will take several minutes to download the map update. 
  5. Disconnect cable, power GPSr, install
  6. Check version via Setup, About.

Identify Your GPSr with a Start Up Message

  1. In Mass Storage Mode, edit GPSMAP 66i (drive-letter:)\Garmin\startup.txt with Notepad

Before edit, the content is:
<!– Edit this file to display a message while your unit is powering on                –>
<!– Allow one full power cycle after editing for your message to be updated           –>
<!– Set the display number to the minimum number of seconds your message is displayed –>
<display = 5>
<!– Type your message on the next line –>

  1. Insert up to 5 lines of text eg. your name, phone number, address
  2. Save the file
  3. Disconnect the MAP66i, power up and check the display.

Set up some options

  1. Power Saving
    Setup, Display, Battery Save, On
    Setup, Display, Backlight Timeout, select desired time (default is 30 seconds)
    Tap Power key, set brightness using +/- keys to a minimum daylight readable level eg. 40%.
  2. Metric units
    Setup, Units, Speed/Distance, Metric
    Vertical Speed, Meters (m/min)
    Elevation, Meters
    Depth, Meters
    Temperature, Celsius
    Pressure, Millimeters (Hg)
  3. Posiition Format MGRS (default is hddd° mm.mmmm’)
    Setup, Position Format, Position Format, MGRS
  4. Heading/Compass preferences and calibration
    Setup Heading, Display, Numeric Degrees (default is Directional Letters)
    Setup, Heading, North Reference, Magnetic
    Setup, Heading, Calibrate Compass, follow directions
  5. Configure Maps
    Setup, Map, Configure Maps, …
    For general use I turn off all maps except Worldwide DEM Basemap, NR and TopoActive AUS/NZ 2021.20
  6. Recording and Tracking at start up
    Setup, Tracking, Auto Track, Off
    Setup, Tracking, Link with Recording, On. Setup, Recording, Auto Start, Off. This combination allows, at the start of a walk, for Tracking, Start Tracking, ENTER to automatically start the recording of the trip. Recording Controls, Stop stops both recording and tracking. Recording Controls, Resume restarts both recording and tracking. Similarly Tracking, Stop Tracking pauses the recording control.
  7. Record activities in FIT (fitness) and GPX format (default is FIT)
    Setup, Recording, Advanced Setup, Output Format, FIT and GPX
    This causes an Activity to store a gpx file in GPSMAP 66i:\Garmin\GPX\Track_yyyy-mm-dd hh.mmss.gpx which can be copied when in mass storage mode.
  8. Reorder icons on Main Menu
    Setup, Menus, Main Menu, [icon], Move, position in new order
    New order is – Setup, Recording Controls, Tracking, Map, Waypoint Manager, Saved Tracks, Compass, Trip Computer, …
  9. Routing
    The pre-loaded TopoActive AUS/NZ 2020.10 and Worlwide DEM Basemap, NR are not routable (see here). The default routing setting is Direct Routing, No. So this needs to be changed to Yes
    Setup, Routing, Direct Routing, Yes
  10. Configure the Compass Page
    Change the default ETA at Dest to ETA at Next
    Compass, MENU button, Change Data Fields, select field to be changed, select ETA at Next
  11. Enable Screen Capture when required
    Setup, Display, Screen Capture, On. Press Power key to capture a screenshot. Screen captures stored in  …\Garmin\scrn folder. Access when in Mass Storage Mode.
  12. Add extra data fields in extra pages to the Trip Computer
    Trip Computer, Enter, Menu button, Insert Page, Enter, Menu button, Change Data Fields, Enter, select the data field to be changed (eg. None), Enter, select a Data Field Category, Select to Replace …, Enter, Quit, Quit. 
    To access the extra data fields in extra pages, Trip Computer, right arrow. Note that the top fields (4 if using small data fields) stay constant. It’s only the bottom 6 that are in the extra pages.
  13. Changing colours of tracks
    Current activity, recorded activity, saved track.

Set up Supporting Website Links, Desktop and iPhone Apps

  1. Create a Garmin account here and set up account details
  2. If not already done when updating software and map (see above), download and install the Garmin Express desktop app from here. Use Garmin Express to update maps and software, sync with Garmin Connect and register your device. This desktop software notifies you when updates are available and helps you install them
  3. I had difficulty accessing the following Explore and Connect websites until I turned off Tracking Protection. Eg. in Edge, Settings, Privacy, Search and Services, Exceptions, Add a site,
  4. Access the Garmin Explore website here
  5. Access the Garmin Connect website here
  6. Download and install the Garmin Explore and Garmin Connect mobile apps
  7. Set up the syncing of the GPSr with Garmin Connect app
  8. Garmin Messenger is a handy smart phone app. It bluetooth pairs with the MAP66i and majes it a whole lot easier to compose inReach messages, rather than use the MAP66i keys.

Set up Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  1. Add MAP66i to a Wi-Fi network
    Setup, Wi-Fi, Add Network, select the network and enter password
  2. Can also pair GPSr to a Personal Hotspot
    Turn on Personal Hotspot on mobile. Follow above to add a second Wi-Fi network
  3. Set up Bluetooth connection to iPhone
    Setup, Bluetooth. Open Garmin Connect app on iPhone. Follow prompts.

Purchase and Activate inReach Subscription Plan

  1. There are a number of inReach Subscription Plans, see here.
  2. (There also appears to be a limit of 5 no cost Test Messages/month (see Garmin Explore Current Monthly Usage). Any additional would be charged at the Overage Charges rate)
  3. After analysing my current solo walking habits, I chose a Recreation Annual plan, primarily because of the Unlimited Send/Track Points
  4. Set up and pay for the plan here.
  5. Turn on the MAP66i and follow the on screen instructions
  6. Send a test message
    From the MAP66i Main Menu, inReach Setup and follow instructions to send a test message. Icon changes to inReach Utilities
    Test message received and displayed in Main Menu, Messages as .
  7. After a year on a $40 per month annual contract recreation plan (which included unlimited no extra cost tracking points), I changed to a $20 per month freedom safety plan. Still have SOS. Downside is +$0.15 per tracking point. But you can fit a lot of 10-minute tracking points in the $20 per month difference (in fact, 133 tracking points = 22 hours of walking). And I’m doing a lot less solo walking these days. And you can also change the tracking interval from the minimum 10 minutes up to 20, 30, 60, 120 minute interval.

Set up inReach

  1. Set up Contacts. Add the people you contact the most. By syncing contacts to the MAP66i and mobile, you’ll save time and message space.
    Done easiest via the Garmin Explore website. From the CONTACTS tab, do Add. Don’t forget to remove the leading 0 from 10 digit mobile numbers after selecting the Calling Code
    Can also add contacts via the MAP66i by Setup, Contacts, New Contact
    Can also add contacts via the Garmin Explore mobile app. Go to Account, Explore Contacts, +, Create New Contact. If instead of Create New Contact, do Import System Contact, this allows importing from the iPhone Contacts and can save a lot of typing.
    Check the contacts are on the GPSr by first syncing the data, then Setup, Contacts
  2. Set up Preset Messages
    in Garmin Explore website, Messages tab
    Message 1 – ‘Starting my trip.’ edit to send to Gay’s mobile, check MapShare
    Message 2 – ‘Delayed, but everything is OK.’ edit to send to Gay’s mobile, check MapShare
    Message 3 – edit to ‘Stopped for something to eat’, send to Gay’s mobile, check MapShare
  3. Set up Quick Text Messages
    Change ‘I’m going to be late.’ To ‘Everything OK, but I’m going to be late.’
  4. At the Garmin Explore website, ACCOUNT, SMS Message Configuration, check Include my name as a signature (otherwise your name is not shown to the recipient)
  5. MapShare is a website with a map that displays your progress on a trip. Friends and family can see how you’re doing and send you messages. At the Garmin Explore website, SOCIAL, ensure MapShare: On. The link to the MapShare is shown. Mine is .
    Ensure the MapShare Settings are appropriate –
      Show waypoints created in the field on MapShare. Check/uncheck (uses monthly allotment)
      Allow map viewers to locate you. Check/uncheck (Viewers can request your location, even if you aren’t otherwise sharing your location.)
      Show waypoints created in the field on MapShare. Check/uncheck
    Can also obtain MapShare link from the Garmin Explore mobile app – do MapShare to see the link. For easy access to the MapShare website on a mobile, open the link in Safari and Add to Home Screen. To send a link to your MapShare to anyone, do Tracking, Send MapShare, Share, Select Contacts, Done, Send Message
    MapShare displays a real time progressive update of tracking points. Blue points are tracking locations, joined by straight blue lines; green points are pre-recorded waypoints stored in the GPSr; blue flags are waypoints recorded in the field (if appropriate MapShare Settings checked)
  6. I’m wandering along in the bush with the MAP66i in a pouch and I’m half deaf. How do I know when someone messages me? Do Setup, Messages, Ring Until Read, On.
  7. My inReach address is . The inReach Address is not an email address, and is only used to send messages from one inReach device to another inReach device (see here).

Sending Messages

  1. It’s easier to type a message on your Bluetooth paired smart phone. Use the Message feature in the Garmin Explore app. Better still, use the Garmin Messenger smart phone app.
  2. The recipient can reply (no Garmin account required).

Setup tempe (wireless temperature sensor)

  1. Put the battery in the sensor (that was the hardest part)
  2. With bluetooth available, Setup, Sensors, Tempe Sensor, follow prompts
  3. Add any required temperature fields to required page(s). Eg. I set up and extra page (via Menu, Insert Page) on the Trip Computer page and added the data fields Temperature, 24 hr Max. Temp. and 24 hr Min. Temp.


  1. Startup messages include ‘ALWAYS TEST YOUR DEVICE BEFORE YOU GO.’
  2. To do this, ensure you have satellite reception and do inReach Utilities, right key to Communications Test, Test
  3. The MAP66i goes through a series of steps of Acquiring GPS, Sending Request, Waiting for Response
  4. The response message is ‘Your Subscription is Currently Active’.

What’s my Identification for Receiving inReach Messages?

Do inReach Utilities, right key * 3 to Contract Safety Plan. Mine is

If other inReach devices are in your party, it might be a good idea to have the inReach contact in your device. That would allow contact between party members if separated and no mobile coverage.

Simple Walk Preparation Actions

  1. If you have a gpx file for use, in Mass Storage Mode, copy it to the GPSMAP 66i:\Garmin\GPX\ folder
  2. If loading data from OziExplorer
    To load waypoints from OziExplorer, in Ozi do Garmin, Save Waypoints to GPS. This places a file [Waypoint file name].gpx in the GPSMAP 66i:\Garmin\GPX\ folder
    To load a track from OziExplorer, in OZi do Garmin, Save Track 1 to GPS. This places a file Track_Ozi_dd-MMM-YYYY nnnnnn.gpx in the GPSMAP 66i:\Garmin\GPX\ folder
  3. Show the planned route on the MAP66i map by doing Saved Tracks, highlight the track, ENTER, MENU, Show on Map, ENTER
  4. If it’s been a while since using the MAP66i, sync the device to get the latest EPO file.

Simple Start of Walk Actions

  1. Calibrate the compass if track head is a considerable distance from previous use
    Access Compass page, MENU button, Calibrate Compass, follow directions
  2. At beginning of walk, power up MAP66i
  3. If Link with Recording is On in the Tracking setup, do Tracking, Start Tracking. This automatically starts recording.
  4. If tracking and recording has started and you spent some time at the trackhead before beginning the trip, just delete the current recording. This will also stop tracking. Do Recording Controls, Stop, Discard, Clear. Then do Tracking, Start Tracking. 
  5. Anyway, whatever combination of settings you prefer, check that both recording and tracking are operating before you begin walking.
  6. Set return waypoint
    Press MARK, Save
  7. If desired, lock the device to prevent accidental button presses
    From any screen, quickly tap the Power button. Lock Keys, press ENTER
    To unlock, press the Power button.

Simple During Walk Activities

  1. To navigate to a waypoint
    Press FIND, Waypoints, select the waypoint, Go
  2. To send a Preset Message (unlimited)
    Messages, Send Preset, select required message, Send Message
  3. To send a Quick Text Message (40/month, then $0.75 each)
    Messages, New Message, Send Quick Text, Select Contacts, make selection(s),

Simple End of Walk Actions

  1. Turn off Tracking.
    Tracking, Stop Tracking, Yes. If Tracking is linked to Recording, this will pause Recording. Recording Controls, Save.
  2. With activities recorded in FIT and GPX, a file Garmin GPSMAP 66i:\Garmin\GPX\Archive\ yyyy-mm-dd is stored
  3. If Tracking is not linked to Recording, stop the Tracking and stop and save the recording.
  4. Wait till any final communication is sent from the MAP66i, as indicated in the status area of the display .
  5. Power off the MAP66i.

Simple Post Walk Actions

  1. Cable connect the MAPP66i to laptop. This causes Garmin Express to sync the GPSr to Garmin Connect. This is expected. MAP66i enters Mass Storage mode. See that a file …\Garmin\GPX\Archive\yyyy-mm-dd has been stored. If any waypoints have been created, there will be a file …\Garmin\GPX\Waypoints_yyyy-mm-dd.gpx
  2. In OziExplorer, do Garmin, Load Waypoints and Routes from GPS; do Garmin, Load Saved Tracks from GPS. Process the data as usual
  3. Or, do Load, Import GPX File, select GPSMAP 66i:\Garmin\GPX\Archive\ yyyy-mm-dd . This is the walked track breadcrumb. Process the data as usual. Delete the file from the …\Archive\ directory if required
  4. Using the BaseCamp desktop app, do Device, Internal Storage. See that track yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss is there.
  5. Disconnect the MAP66i from Mass Storage mode. Power on the MAP66i.
    Saved Tracks, Archived Tracks shows a track yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
    Recorded Activities shows a track yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
    Power off the MAP66i.
  6. The above are non-smart methods. Following is the good oil.

Usual Post Walk Actions

  1. Sync the MAP66i with the Garmin Connect and Explore apps by powering on the MAP66i and opening the Garmin Connect mobile app. Syncing makes data available in the Garmin Connect and Explore websites and the mobile apps.
  2. Track and stats are available on the Connect mobile app and on Connect website.
  3. On the Explore website, the Library shows Waypoints and Tracks (the same in Unorganised) synced from the MAP66i. Be careful with naming and don’t get confused. This will include any planned waypoints and tracks which had previously loaded on the MAP66i, as well as any waypoints marked during the trip.
  4. It’s important to realise that the Track Summary is actually the inReach tracking points shown as a route (ie. joined by straight lines).

    Garmin Track Summary

  5. We don’t yet have a presentation of the actual track as walked, as shown in the Connect mobile app.
  6. In the Library, activate Activities, select the Activity (View on Map). Both the inReach tracking points joined by lines and the walked track breadcrumb are shown. Activate the – in a circle symbol to turn off the display of the tracking points.
  7. Change the – in a circle small icon on the map to +. Voila!
  8. Don’t like the colour? Probably many ways to do it. Go to Explore mobile app, Library, Activities, activate the entry, change the colour of the walking person icon by activating it and selecting a colour.
  9. Wait for a sync to occur. Go to the Explore website, refresh your browser, voila.
  10. Getting Smarter: Turn on MAP66i, open Garmin Connect mobile app and sync. Open Garmin Connect web, select Activity, use gear icon in top right, Export to GPX (see here). But this only gives track, not waypoints created on the trip. Back to square one nearly.


  1. Registered MAP66i with by, from Main Menu, Geocaching, follow instructions. See here
  2. Turn off auto upload of logs
    Setup, Geocaching, Geocaching Live, Auto Upload Logs, Off
  3. Quickly download nearby geocaches. See here. But it seems that if not connected to, full geocaching details cannot be downloaded. So for caches in areas with no mobile reception, download prior to going
    Geocaching, Map symbol, MENU button, Download Geocaches
  4. To delete any geocaches on the GPSr, see here
    Setup, Geocaching, Geocaching Live, Remove Live Data, Yes

MAP66i Apps

  1. The MAP66i comes preloaded with a limited time use of the Wikiloc Premium app. It allows trail sharing
    Connect IQ, Wikiloc
    To set up an account, toggle right to the last home screen and Press ENTER to create your account
    Or to log in from the last home screen, Press + to log in, action the Connect IQ Wikiloc needs you to sign in. First log on activates a free 60-day Premium trial. I don’t need Wikiloc, as have enough data available via AllTrails
    The Wikiloc website is here. Can download the Wikiloc mobile app.


Setup > Altimeter > Auto Calibration – Continuous, Barometer Mode = Variable Elevation, Pressure Trending = Save When Power On, Plot Type = Elevation/Distance.

To calibrate the Altimeter, Setup > Altimeter > Calibrate Altimeter > Method = choose the method that gives the closest result to your known elevation. I know from maps that I live on the 590m contour.

MAP66i Widgets and Data Fields

  1. Widgets and Data Fields are available to enhance MAP66i functionality
  2. To download and install ConnectIQ Apps, Widgets and Data Fields, see here. Using the Garmin Connect mobile app, select More, scroll down to Connect IQTM Store, select an app/widget, Install. Alternatively, install the ConnectIQ mobile app from the App Store and open it. Or use Garmin Express, then sync.
  3. MAP66i power availability is shown via a Status Icon. To enhance this information, install the Battery Widget. To use it, tap Power button, then left or right toggle. See here. Further information is shown by pressing the ENTER button a number of times. To exit the widget, press QUIT button
  4. Installed the MGRS coordinates Data Field via ConnectIQ mobile app. Synced MAP66i. On the Trip Computer page, changed a Time data field to MGRS coordinates data field. Don’t need this if Position Format is setup as MGRS and display (eg. on the Trip Computer page) both Location (selected) and Location (lat/lon), so uninstalled it via Garmin Express.
  5. Installed Heart Rate Stress Score and Temps. These are both data fields that can be added to a data page (eg. in Trip Computer) by selecting a (blank) field, MENU, Change Data Fields, IQ Connect IQ, select the required field.

Surefire Sync

  1. There are so many ways to sync the MAP66i with Garmin apps and websites. A fail-safe way is to connect via Mass Storage Mode to a computer and use Garmin Express.

Residual Data – Recorded Activities

  1. I like to have data on my MAP66i cleaned up, so at the end of every use I remove waypoints and tracks.
  2. Recorded Activities icon on the Menu screen looks useful if ever a booboo of cleaning up data too soon. It appears to keep a record of all recorded activities.
  3. Kept in GPSMAP 66i:\Garmin\Activities in .FIT file format.
  4. FIT files can be converted to gpx using GPS Visualizer or AllTrails Route Converter, although only the track will be converted (not waypoints).


  1. Whenever the MAP66i is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected, a weather forecast is available.
  2. Do Active Weather and left/right key through the available readouts of summary, radar, cloud cover, temperature, wind. A time stamp is on each screen.
  3. Can specify the location for the weather forecast. The default is My Location.
  4. My summary data does not work – testing it on 3 July shows a readout from Jun 6.
  5. If an inReach service is active, a forecast is available. I haven’t fully tested. I actually initiated it from the Explore mobile app, rather than the MAP66i inReach Weather function.
  6. I did Devices, Weather, …, Update Forecast.
  7. It took around 15mins for the weather update to be received on the MAP66i. See it via inReach Weather, ENTER

How can my dear wife know where I am, what I’m up to and contact me?

  1. With our Macquarie credit cards linked, the Macquarie banking app sends a notification to both our iPhones when a payment is made (haha).
  2. Location sharing on Google Maps turned on permanently to each other on both our iPhones.
  3. The inReach capability on the MAP66i allows us to text to and fro. My inReach phone number is +61 405894205.
  4. I can send an email to her via inReach on the MAP66i. But she cannot reply diectly via email as the email comes from She can reply via the included link “View the location or send a reply to John Evans: [link]” which uses Garmin Explore.

Garmin Terminology

  1. Garmin has a complex array of Activities, Tracks, Routes and Courses.
  2. A Track is a series of GPS fixes of locations, a ‘breadcrumb’ trail. The Active Track is the current track being recorded by the MAP66i. A Saved Track is a Track that is created elsewhere and then synced to the MAP66i. Or it can be a recorded Activity that has been converted to a Track by Recorded Activities, select an activity, Enter, Menu button, Save as Track, OK.
  3. A Garmin Course seems to be equivalent to my understanding of a route plan, a series of waypoints connected by straight lines. See here on how to create a Course in Garmin Connect (app and website). Note that it says “Course Points and other locations used to build a course will show under the Next Waypoint Data Field on your device.”
  4. Convert an Activity to a Track in Garmin Explore website, then export it. Open it in OziExplorer and get waypoints created on the trip, a track of the tracking points (ie. 10-minute points joined by straight lines) and the breadcrumb track. Save the waypoints and two tracks as a gpx file. Imported it into AllTrails to see how it looks there.
  5. Garmin definitions of Tracks, Routes, Waypoints, Activities and Courses are here.

Tricky Things

  1. Need Iridium service for communications (eg. sending messages) from the field. There is no status for Iridium service. Don’t confuse Iridium service availability (or non availability) with the GPS satellite status.
  2. If syncing from the Garmin Explore website, must be cable connected to the MAP66i. To sync via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, use Garmin Explore or Garmin Connect mobile apps. Explore and Connect mobile apps sync automatically once they are opened.
  3. Interconnect with gpsvizualiser on mobile: Save a track from via Explore app to Files. Import into gpsvisualizer website running in Safari on mobile.
  4. I may have discovered why my MAP66i seems to register possibly high elevation gains. When an activity is viewed in Garmin Connect, there is a note “Elevation corrections are calculated with data from professional surveys instead of the data from your device. If your device has a barometric altimeter, Elevation Corrections are disabled by default.” Since the MAP66i does have a barometric altimeter, Elev Corrections on the activity data is set to Disabled. One thing I must do is recalibrate the altimeter, but I don’t think the possible high elevation gains are due to that. What I must do is compare my reading with those from fellow digital recorders on the same trip!
    Take, for example, the trip 21 January 2023 Geocaching on Little Ginini Mountain and Mt Gingera. In Garmin Connect, when Elev Corrections are Disabled, Total Ascent is 1416.0m. When Elev Corrections are Enabled, Total Ascent is 1250.7m. 1250vm is probably closer to the truth.
  5. To set the MAP66i default waypoint name back to 0001, do Trip Computer, Menu, Reset, Delete All Waypoints, Enter, Delete, Enter.


  1. TopoActive AUS/NZ upgraded to 2022.10 via Garmin Express 2 Jun 22. To 2022.20 via Garmin Express 12 Jan 23. To 2023.10 via Garmin Express 8 Jun 23. To 2024.10 on 28 Mar 24.
  2. Software Version from 2.80 to 2.81 upgraded on initial setup. Software Version 9.00 (631858) upgraded 2 Jun 22. Software Version 9.20 (701770) upgraded 16 Jun 22. Software Version 9.50 (852483) upgraded 26 Apr 23.

Garmin tempe wireless temperature sensor

  1. There are some details and what sort of data it can produce in a bog post here.

Garmin HRM-Pro heart rate monitor

  1. Paired with iPhone
  2. Added device to Garmin Connect
  3. Owner’s Manual here
  4. Heart Rate Monitor Care Instructions here.


  1. Re-pair. Was getting blinking bluetooth status indicator on MAP66i. Followed these instructions to re-pair MAP66i with iPhone.
  2. Sometimes MAP66i does not go into Mass Storage Mode when cable connected to laptop. Followed these instructions, which fixed the issue for a while. Permanent solution is to have the MAP66i powered on before cable connection to laptop (quite the opposite to Mass Storage Mode connection instructions).
  3. HRM-Pro would not pair with iPhone Xs Max. Solution was to reboot the phone.