A pause at 1100m as we head south to the ascent spur

Saturday 11 May: Booth’s hill – L/R/X. Booth’s hill via Brandy Flat hut for two geocaches. We will be following part of John’s 5/8/2017 track (https://johnevans.id.au/5-august-2017-booths-hill/). From the Glendale depot, we’ll take the fire trail to Brandy Flat hut. About 5km on fire trail. Then we will roughly follow the Gudgenby creek gully (off track) to meet up with John’s route to the summit. By my calculations all up about 20km, 10km of which is on fire trail. Probably 8-10 hours. Map: Michelago. Leader: Robyn H. Transport: $5-10.

Further Information

Booths Hill is the 18th highest named hill in the ACT. Previous visits on 5 Aug 17, 22 Feb 14, 31 Oct 06, 19 Aug 06, 26 Jul 06.


Distance: 20.6km | Climb: 850m | Time: 7.35am – 4.25pm (9hrs), including 55 mins of breaks | Grading: L/R; H(14-)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

An excellent party gathered at 7am opposite my old folks home on a chilly morning. Snow on the nearby Canberra hills. We motored to the Brandy Flat Walking Track car park at Glendale Crossing.

A swift 5.3km in 1hr 10mins into Brandy Flat Hut.

Walking in to Brandy Flat Hut

Robyn headed for geocache GC1XKYB Brandy Boulders, taking several of the party with her, whilst the remainder enjoyed the full time allotted to morning tea. Yells of delight from the nearby bush signaled a find.

Our next leg took us a little further SW on the fire trail, then generally south, high above Gudgenby Creek. Open forest going at first, a few patches of regrowth as we headed for the saddle at the top of Gudgenby Creek. A very well thought out leg from our pocket rocket leader.

It was then left turn up the spur, in theory handrailing an old fence line on the map. We only saw it on the ground once or twice. Great views as we climbed, when we stopped to draw breath and turn around.

Turning around at 1240m to grab the view on the ascent to Booths Hill

The climb is around 450vm over 2.2km and it took us 1hr 55mins. We ran into the first snow at 1410m. A lovely open patch at 1480m.

A snowy clearing at 1480m

We reached the top at around 11.50am, walking in through the communications gear up there.

Booths Hill communications gear

Then the final few metres and through the ring of tight regrowth to reach the trig.

Booths Hill trig

Another whoop of delight as Robyn found and logged another cache.

View west from Booths Hill trig

A lovely lunch in the sheltered hollow below the trig.

Our return took us back down the same spur to the saddle. The 2.1km descent took 1hr 20mins. Just for something a little different we continued on down west to hit the fire trail.

We walked out. A quick break at Brandy Flat Hut.

A quick return stop at Brandy Flat Hut

Towards the end we took the walking track rather than the fire trail and were able to show those interested in geocaching a rather well done cache.

Geocache giANT

This was a mainly young party. 4 I hadn’t walked with before. Some very experienced walkers. CBC is in good shape if the non members decide to join up. And excellent leadership from Dr Robyn (the rabbit lady). Fabulous, fast, fit and fun!

Thanks all. I had a ball.

Track Maps

Track overview

Track overview

Track 1

Track 1

Track 2

Track 2




7 walkers – Diana T, Ian W, Meghan B, Robyn H (leader), Shell D, Tim H, me.