Confluence of Queanbeyan River and Burra Creek

Saturday 13 April 2024: London Bridge to Washpen Crossing – M/M. This is a walk through the southern section of Googong. We will walk from the London Bridge woolshed to the old homestead then we walk beside Burra Creek to approach the London Bridge arch from the south. We will continue north to the confluence of the Queanbeyan River and Burra Creek, visiting Washpen Crossing. Returning we will get a different view of the London Bridge arch by approaching from the north. We then return to the cars by crossing the arch. Home in time for lunch.


From Garmin Connect (recorded on MAP66i handheld) – Distance: 9.60km | Climb: 235vm (Elev Corrections Enabled) | Time: 2:20 moving +0:46 of stops = 3:06 | Grading: S/E-M; E(7).


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Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track London Bridge to Washpen Crossing

Trip Report

I was last at London Bridge on 9 May 19 and at Washpen Crossing on 29 Jun 10.

An Autumn nip in the air as Phillip delivered his pre-trip briefing at the London Bridge car park. Walking to get warm at 8:15am, up past the Woolshed and Shearers Quarters.

Milling about at the sheep dip behind the Woolshed

A not-the-usual-way taken, including a crossing of Burra Creek.

Crossing Burra Creek

The sky began to clear as we approached London Bridge Homestead. A visit to the Shearing Shed.

Fulcrum post of the lever woolpress

Then a look about the fenced off Homestead and orchard.

We popped up to the knoll behind for a nice view of the area.

London Bridge Homestead from the knoll

We walked beside Burra Creek to approach the arch, avoiding the huge wombat burrows in the easily dug creek flats soil.

Walking beside Burra Creek

The imposing London Bridge arch came into view as we approached from the south.

London Bridge from the south

A great spot for an early morning tea at the nearby seat.

From here we continued north on the Dhurrawarri Buranja Walk. Fire trail at first.

Track junction 1 signage

A few metres off the track we visited Washpen Crossing.

Washpen Crossing

A little different to 14 years ago.

Washpen Crossing in 2010

The Dhurrawarri Buranja Walk turned into a very pleasant foot track beside the Queanbeyan River.

Queanbeyan River views from the Dhurrawarri Buranja Walk

A track junction.

Track junction 2 signage

420 metres to the north we came to the confluence of the Queanbeyan River and Burra Creek.

Confluence of Queanbeyan River and Burra Creek

Returning to the junction, we took the western leg of the track down to the Burra Creek flats.

Steps on the Dhurrawarri Buranja Walk down to Burra Creek flats

We approached London Bridge from the north, right by where I paddled up Burra Creek in 2011.

Approaching London Bridge from the North

A different approach for me to London Bridge – up Burra Creek in 2011

Up over the arch and back to our cars.

What a great little walk! Huge thanks Phillip and all.


11 walkers – Helen B, Michael C, Paul F, Kerrie F, Mon H, Richard H, Karina J, Nicole L, Nathan L, Phillip S (leader), me.


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