Me, Max, Stephen at Tate trig

Monday-Tuesday 6-7 May 2024: Gentlemen’s overnight walk, Main Range. Guthega, Mt Anton-Mt Anderson saddle, Consett Stephen Pass, Guthega Ridge. Private trip.


Day 1: From Garmin Connect (recorded on MAP66i) – Distance: 9.50km | Climb: 525vm | Time: 3:06 moving +1:33 of stops = 4:39 | Grading: M/E-M; M(9).

Day 2: From Garmin Connect (recorded on MAP66i) – Distance: 12.50km | Climb: 390vm | Time: 4:15 moving +2:19 of stops = 6:34 | Grading: M/E-M; M(9).

The stopped time is not only a measure of called breaks such as smoko and lunch, but is a measure of every time my feet are still. And there were many such times!

The elevation gain is taken from the recorded track in Garmin Connect with Elevation Corrections enabled. So instead of using height data based on changes in the MAP66i’s barometer, the best available DEM data is used.


View photographs here. There’s 85 of them.

gpx file

Download the gpx file here.

Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track KNP Main Range Gents Walk

Day 1

Track Day 1 KNP Main Range Gents Walk

Day 2

Track Day 2 KNP Main Range Gents Walk

Trip Report

I was last snowshoeing on the Guthega Spur on 2 Aug 18, at Mt Tate on 25 Jan 11 and along the top of the Main Range on 26-28 Feb 10.

My dear wife is a real keeper. She let me out on our 52nd wedding anniversary (we celebrated last week).

And Stephen and Max are great friends. A gentlemen’s walk indeed. Picked up from home, breakfast at The Lott cafe in Cooma (I had the Big Brekky, the bacon, eggs, hash brown, baked beans spoilt by adding wilted spinach 😂), a fantastic trip in brilliant weather, coffee and a neenish tart on the way home in Jindy, and dropped off back at home. These guys are Main Range specialists, having walked the area literally hundreds of times!

Left home with a 12kg pack including 1.5 litres of water and my new stool, brought a few things back unused (but that’s better than needing things up on the hills). Used 23gm of 4 season gas.

I felt a little under-dressed at Guthega in my shorts and shoes, as my companions geared up in long trousers and leather boots. Not a walk for boots/shoes with mesh as even in our good weather the going is damp in early morning dampness.

Not many at Guthega on Monday morning

Day 1

Away at 10.25am on the track to Illawong.

Downstream at the Farm Creek bridge

The leg from Guthega to the Snowy River bridge was 3.4km in 1:16.

Crossing the Snowy River bridge

A good footpad rises to the top of the Great Dividing Range. A party of 5 youngsters passed us around lunchtime.

Good track at 1680m up from Snowy River bridge

A good water source at the top of Pounds Creek, so maybe not necessary to cart 1.5l up there.

Water from the top of Pounds Creek

We joined the AAWT footpad just below the crest of the Great Dividing Range. A small cairn marks the junction.

Cairn 1 – join AAWT

The leg up from the Snowy River, including lunch, was 3.5km in 2:23, climbing 430vm.

Our northerly route was laid out before us.

Looking to Mt Anton from the crest of the Great Dividing Range

The pad skirts Mt Anton to the west. Some remains of old snow lease fencing along the top. Substantial ‘star pickets’!

Old snow lease fencing

We arrived at Stephen’s selected camping spot, a bit south of the usual AAWT camp site, at 3pm. The leg from the AAWT cairn to camp was 2.3km in 1:00.

The usual drill. It has been cool and the breeze biting during the day, so after setting up we went back down to the water point to get some protection from the wind. Enjoyed a cuppa and some bikkies and bree.

Back up at camp we had to shelter by our tents to cook dinner. In bed at 6.30pm for a 12 hour session. I woke myself twice with snorting snores, but my gentlemen companions were kind enough to say they heard nothing. A windy night, easing before dawn.

Day 2

Breakfast not as glamorous as yesterday.

My breakfast 7.15am

Took me 2 hours to pack up with my useless right hand. It gets very cold and the fingers stiff so I had a glove on most of the 2 days.

Away at 8.30am and back up to rejoin the AAWT.

Rejoining the AAWT

The forecast for Tuesday was better than Monday, but it actually didn’t clear completely until early afternoon.

We walked through the usual AAWT campsite.

Walking into the usual AAWT campsite

NE towards Mt Anderson.

Walking towards Mt Anderson

The footpad flanks it to the East.

Mt Anderson

I waypointed a few of the cairns along the way.

Cairn 5

The next feature was Mann Bluff.

Mann Bluff

Great views to the West as we pressed on to the NE.

View to the NW from between Mann Bluff and Mt Tate

Foggy as we approached Mt Tate.

Approaching Mt Tate

We arrived 40m to the east of the trig at 10.35am, dropped our packs and strolled to the top. The leg from camp to Mt Tate was 3.8km in 2 hours. Great views.

View S from Tate trig

Not my country so I struggle to identify features.

Photos all round.

Max and Stephen at Tate trig

We went back to our packs for a brief smoko.

The next leg was slightly E of N down to Consett Stephen Pass.

Consett Stephen Pass

1.9km in 0:45. Even on the downhill I was dragging the chain today. I must have aged 5+ years overnight, because our usual order of march by age was now Stephen, Max, me. Some MyDHR blood test results came through during the morning which were pretty ordinary.

Great views down the Guthega River.

Looking down the Guthega River to Guthega from Consett Stephen Pass

From here, Stephen gave us the choice of E up over SH1993 or to sidle to the crest of the Guthega Spur. Our OpenStreetMaps (OSM) showed a sidling breadcrumb, but there was no pad discernible. Can be a trap – OSM shows the easily followed AAWT footpad in the same manner as this mere route. Really no matter, as relatively easy walking.

Pools above Guthega River as we sidle SE from Consett Stephen Pass

A pleasant area, with me well in the rear.

Sidling the S slope of SH1993 at 12.30pm

A couple of flowers.

Mountain Gentians

There was another cairn on the OSM route, but still no discernible pad. In fact, we didn’t pick it up untill after lunch.

Cairn 9

A poorly composed Peakfinder shot from lunch.

Peakfinder looking SW from lunch

We entered the snow gum patches at around 1910m.

Discernable footpad and snow gums at 1910m

An old tree I fully understood.

That’s how I felt – old, burnt out

The footpad was easy to follow. I was glad we were going down.

The footpad gets a bit shrubby at 1710m

We reached Guthega Pondage at 2.50pm, the 5.5km leg from Consett Stephen Pass taking 2:52 (including lunch.

Guthega Pondage

Some interesting infrastructure and signage.

Quaint equipment building

A final trudge up to the car park.

This was indeed a trip to make memories. Thanks Stephen and Max! It opened up a couple of day trip options. Will I haul an overnight bag up there again? – we’ll see.


3 walkers – Stephen M (leader), Max S, me.


The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

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