At 1940m on the Guthega spur

Thursday 2 August: Guthega Snowshoe – M/M. A private trip organised by Mike B.

Further Information

4 years since I’ve last been for a snowshoe.


Distance: 13.0km | Climb: 590m | Time: 9.10am – 3.00pm (5hrs 50mins), including 50 mins of breaks | Grading: M/M; M(10)


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Videos – turn your sound off, a lot of breeze noise via the camera microphone

Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

Not being a snow bunny, I was a little apprehensive when Mike took up my offer to drive. As it turned out, very easy. Perhaps the hardest things were passing the 8am roadside RBT on the trip up and setting the cruise control to 80kph before passing the nearly hidden Highway Patrol car on the way home. Took the old Tribute, so no chains required. I learnt a few things – the road is cleared by snow plough all the way to Guthega, the difference between overnight and day parking and the secret of the big stone building at Guthega (a huge stairway to little toilets – and the ski lift).

We left Calwell at 6.15am and were geared up and walking at 9.10am.

A walk down the access track and across the Guthega Pondage wall took us to the base of the Guthega Spur. Beautiful hard snow as we followed a few tracks up. I think it was Brian who said it’s “the spur that keeps on giving” – rising from 1600m to nearly 2000m at the top. But it was blue sky and nearly no breeze. After we warmed up, it was T-shirt weather around morning tea time, although gloves were still handy.

Lovely iced branches on the (burnt) Snow Gums and, higher up, wind blown patterns of snow and ice on rock faces.

Towards the top of the spur we bent away to the NW and stopped at SH1933 for huge views of white and blue. Then west down to Consett Stephen Pass and a stop for lunch sheltered from the breeze in the lee of the Tate Ridge.

A stroll a little further west for views to the Western Fall.

Our return route was down the Guthega River. Easy going at the top but, as the valley closed in and the snow softened, a bit of huff and puff as we sidled down the steep slopes. A sidle onto the crest of the ridge and we were down.

A stop at the Jindabyne Bakery on the way home and a bottle of coke got this driver home.

What a fabulous day, thank you very much Mike! And thanks everyone else for fine company.

Track Maps

Track overview

Track overview

Track 1

Track 1

Track 2

Track 2


7 walkers – Peter A-S, Mike B (leader), Stephen M, Michaela P, Margaret P, Brian S, me.