Frome Hill and the Bungonia Slot Canyon from Adams Lookout

Saturday 28 July: Bungonia Plateau – M/M. A walk around the edge of Bungonia Gorge, with views of it and the Shoalhaven River -and for those interested a look inside the entrances to some of the caves – plus an investigation of whether the start of the old Beebox Track into the Shoalhaven Gorge can be located. Great limestone scenery. Leader: Jeff B.

Further Information

A while since I’ve been to Bungonia. Last visits 30 Jan 07, 21 Oct 08, 20 Oct 09, 27 Apr 10, 27 Apr 12.

Check out the Bungonia National Park brochure.


Distance: 14.9km | Climb: 500m | Time: 9.30am – 4.05pm (6hrs 35mins), including 50 mins of breaks | Grading: M/M; M(10)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

We met in the north of Canberra, leaving just after 7.30am to drive via Goulburn to Bungonia, then along The Lookdown Rd to check-in and pay at the Ranger Station. Finally, parked at Kerrilleau car park.

Our first objective was a little way south – Grill Cave. I’ve never been into any of the Bungonia Caves, so was looking forward to this. We’re just bushwalkers, so it was a an appropriate distance of only about 70m down and into the cave. Jeff warned us that this cave is known for bad air – CO2 can be detected by the occasional strike of a match; if it goes out, you should go out!

In Grill Cave

We then walked west and had a wander around the camp ground. A walk down the Jerrara Creek Trail didn’t get us where we wanted to go, so we returned and found the Yellow Track. This took us down across Bungonia Creek (morning tea before we crossed) and up the other side. Views down the creek to the Devils Pulpit.

Devils Pulpit rock in Bungonia Creek

We walked to the Jerrara Canyon Lookout for grand views.

Frome Hill and the Bungonia Creek cut from Jerrara Canyon Lookout

About turn and, back across the creek, lunch and then we continued north then north-east clockwise round the Green Track which runs high above Bungonia Creek. A couple of stops at unnamed spots to look across to the mouth of Jerrara Creek and Paddys Castle.

The mouth of Jerrara Creek and Paddys Castle from the Green Track above Bungonia Falls

Jerrara Lookout gave us huge views to those locations ( I’d climbed up from Bungonia Creek to Paddys Castle with Brian Surin on 20 Oct 09).

Taking in the view across to Paddys Castle from Jerrara Lookout

Then on to Adams Lookout for more amazing views, the best being across to Frome Hill and the Bungonia Slot Canyon (see above).

Continuing clockwise around the Green Track, we visited Mass Cave. This had some beaut formations in it. Check out all the photos.

Formations in Mass Cave

Formations in Mass Cave

Back up the footpad to the Green Track, we continued clockwise, then via the first part of the White Track, to the last lookout of the day, Mt Ayre. Great views down into the Shoalhaven River.

Shoalhaven River from Mt Ayre Lookout

Time was running out so it was back to Green and the cars. A 10 second shower as we arrived at the car park shelter.

Great day, thanks Jeff and all. Good to be back at Bungonia.

Track Maps


GE snip

Google Earth snip


14 walkers – Jeff B (leader).