Walkers on ‘Three dog rocks’ | photo Kathy O

Saturday 4 May 2024: Tinderries by fire trail – M/M. Nice steep climb up Mount Allen trail to West Tinderry trail and then trail bash and bush bash to a rocky promontory where there are great views over the Monaro.


From Garmin Connect (recorded on Epix Gen 2) – Distance: 11.87km | Climb: 665vm | Time: 3:21 moving +2:12 of stops = 5:33 | Grading: M/E-M; M(10).

The stopped time is not only a measure of called breaks such as smoko and lunch, but is a measure of every time my feet are still. And there were many such times climbing the steep Mt Allen Fire Trail!


View photographs here. I gave my old Sony RX100M4 camera a run for some of the photos. It certainly takes a sharper, larger photo than my iPhone XS Pro, but not worth the bother. I need my phone to keep in touch with home.

gpx file

Download the gpx file here.

Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track Tinderries by fire trail


Trip Report

I was last up the Mt Allen Fire Trail on 17 Oct 06. We actually came through ‘Three dog rocks’!

Drove via Michelago and N on the Burra Rd. Parked at the base of the Mt Allen Fire Trail. A briefing from Tim.

Tim briefs the party

Away at 9.37am. The Mt Allen FT has some killer climbs up the slippery gravel. 3.2km in 1:27, rising from 810m to 1200m.

A steep pinch at 990m

Mighty grateful to reach the intersection with the West Tinderry FT and have smoko.

Signage at the fire trail junction

Another 1.7km in 0:42 on the West Tinderry FT, only 170vm climb on this leg. Walking through unburnt forest.

A nice avenue of trees at 1350m

We reached the turnoff point and headed into the bush.

Just after leaving the West Tinderry FT

Pleasant country.

Easy going half way between West Tinderry FT and lunch

Out destination, only 700m east of the FT. Tim had named ‘Three dog rocks’. Dogs had followed him on his recce from the homestead across the road from the start. This was exactly the case when we did the trip in 2006. One friendly little dog greeted us on our return!

A great open lunch spot.

Lunch at ‘Three dog rocks’

Grand views, although cool in the breeze.

Mt Clear from ‘Three dog rocks’

Time for photos after lunch and after Lauren executed her famous headstand. This one by Ming.

Walkers on ‘Three dog rocks’ | photo Ming L

All that remained was to return. The 5.9km took us 2:07.

Heading down the Mt Allen FT

A good trip enjoyed by all. Thanks for putting it on Tim.


12 walkers – Michael C, Marlene E, Rose F, Ming L, Lauren O, Kathy O, Zoe S, Ana V, Khuong V, Tim W (leader), Michael Z, me.


The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

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