At the turnoff to Admiration Point

Saturday 27 April 2024: Corang Peak – L/M. A longish drive to Wog Wog campground but with a treat afterwards as we walk through delightful woodland forest, along footpads, then onto the rocky tops, sometimes through grassland to our destination of that Budawang icon, Corang Peak. We climb the peak then return the same way. This isn’t a difficult walk but if it’s been raining it might be muddy along parts of the track. Some small rock scrambles and possibly some overhanging scrub. We may need to jump Wog Wog Creek.


From Garmin Connect (recorded on Epix Gan 2) – Distance: 21.49km | Climb: 535vm | Time: 5:35 moving +1:47 of stops = 7:22 | Grading: L/E-M; H(12).


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Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track Corang Peak

Trip Report

I was last on Corang Peak on 4 Feb 14.

We met at Queanbeyan Spotlight at 6.30am. A slow drive via Braidwood, with fog a lot of the way. I have never seen a track head with so many vehicles, must have been around 40. We met quite a few overnight and day walkers on our trip – even two trail runners “coming through”.

Walking at 8.20am. A memorial near the start of the track.

Memorial near start of track

Down to cross Wog Wog Creek via a couple of stepping stones or one wet foot. Memories from ten years ago rekindled.

Memories from 10 years ago

The Keep Corang Open group have been busy, with signs along relevant parts of the track.

Keep Corang Open have been busy

Track side colour, well white, aplenty.

Plenty of flowering Snow Wreath (Woollsia pungens)

We walked through the major track junction which, 10 years ago, was the return leg from Corang Lagoon via Goodsell Creek. Much of that route is now closed due to private property – the reason for the Keep Corang Open campaign.

Some interesting track side flora.

Coral Fungi (Ramaria sp.)

We reached the conglomerate piles at 9.50am, having covered the 5.3km in 1 hour 30 minutes.

Descending the conglomerate piles

Smoko was called at 10.05am just after we reached the open tops. The track easy to follow, a bit of care needed when it crossed stretches of bare rock.

Grand views.

Track side views

More interesting flora in the damper patches.

Rosy Sundew (Drosera spathulata)

Corang Peak was getting closer.

Corang Peak from the N flank of Korra Hill

There were excellent views all round from the turnoff to Admiration Point.

At the turnoff to Admiration Point

We reached the track junction at the base of Corang Peak at 11.40am and began the climb to the top.

View W from the climb to Corang Peak

It took 12 minutes for the 500m across the ground, a 50vm climb.

Lunch was called. Great views.

So it was back the way we came. At the conglomerate pile some other walkers showed up a track around it to the east, passing an overhang.

Overhang on E side of conglomerate piles

Of course, ‘Corang candles’ wherever we were.

Corang candles

Back at our cars at 3:40pm. A very satisfying trip.


7 walkers – Rose F, Stephen M, Lauren R, Terrylea R (leader), Sandra T, Khuong V, me.


The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

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