Stockyard Creek 13r falls

Saturday 23 June: Stockyard Creek Waterfall Revisited – M/R/ptX. There are two reasons for a revisit: Anita found a rare plant and needs to revisit and re-locate it; and the fearless leader was looking for the wrong waterfall. A very steep track up Stockyard Spur then off track through reasonable scrub down to falls, where there may be some thick patches. Leaders: Rob and Jenny H.
Some geocaching after, around 3pm, including GCHCWT Corin’s Core

Further Information

Arranged to meet Marmaduke Rothschild (Roger E) at Corin Dam 3pm.


Distance: 8.5km | Climb: 800m | Time: 8.45am – 2.45pm (6hrs), including 70 mins of breaks, plus 1hr 15mins of drive-by caching | Grading: M/M-R; M(11+)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

Walk 1

The water level pretty low in Corin Dam:

Low water in Corin Dam from 1000m contour on the track to Stockyard Spur

Llewellyn got to the helipad in 40mins. My time was 1hr. The fog cleared on the drive out and it was a layers off climb. A bit of snow about the helipad. We stopped for an early morning tea,

It was then the descent to the knoll above the Stockyard Creek falls, all the way looking for Anita’s rare plant. No joy:

Walking down towards the saddle before the knoll

Beautiful stands of stately timber down at the saddle and extending up the flanks of the knoll:

The gentle, open slope of the knoll

We topped the knoll, then enjoyed/endured a very steep descent towards Stockyard Creek, followed by a very slow contour through dense regrowth high above the falls:

Stockyard Creek below

A pause above the falls visible through the trees, Then a more gentle climb back up the western flank of the knoll:

Exiting up to the knoll

To everyone’s surprise, Anita (with her nose close to the ground) found 3 of her rare plants on the way back up to the Stockyard Spur vehicle track:

Anita’s rare plant

Here I got the nod to head back down to the dam, whilst the others lunched at the helipad:

Rejoining the Stockyard Spur vehicle track near the helipad

Walk 2

Back at the car park, I wandered down the zig-zag road to the downstream base of Corin Dam. The Cotter River flowing merrily:

Cotter River below Corin Dam

The task was to find geocache GCHCWT Corin’s Core in the dam wall. The description includes ‘It’s under the pile of rocks’ and an option to ‘Slowly remove all the rocks until you get to the cache‘! We’ve spent many minutes on at least three occasions looking for this cache. However, today was the day. The ‘special rock’ was found and after a short search the cache was in hand. Marmaduke Rothschild and Mrs Betty Rothschild turned up a few minutes later. We exited up the dam wall and met the rest of the party in the car park.

Walk 3

We drove down Corin Road and picked up a few drive-by caches. Took our lives in our hands, stopping several times on the side of the road as cars from Corin Forest drove past. Mrs Betty Rothschild walked a long way down the road whilst we were caching. Logged GC7Q6EA Beautiful View #55, DNF of GC7Q6E6 Beautiful View #54 (as with several others recently), logged GC7Q6DV Beautiful View #53, DNF GC7Q6DT Beautiful View #52. Then logged GC7Q6DN Beautiful View #51, GC7Q6DH Beautiful View #50, GC7Q6DA Beautiful View #49, GC7Q6D8 Beautiful View #48, GC7Q6D6 Beautiful View #47, GC7Q6D4 Beautiful View #46 and GC7Q6D3 Beautiful View #45.

A good day.

Track Maps

Track W1 and W2

Track W1 and 2 Stockyard Creek Waterfall and Corin Caching

Track Drive 3

Track W3 Stockyard Creek Waterfall and Corin Caching


11 walkers – Rob and Jenny H (leaders). For caching, 3 – Marmaduke Rothschild (Roger E), Betty Rothschild (Rosemarie E), me (JohnnyBoyACT).