Paddling down the Talbingo Reservoir towards the Yarrangobilly River arm | photo Mike Bremers

Saturday-Sunday 2-3 February: Talbingo Reservoir paddle. Paddle from ‘Sue City’ (O’Hares Rest Area) 4 km to the camp site on Talblingo Reservoir. Options for the afternoon and next morning include paddling, swimming or walking up some of the many nearby hills for views over the reservoir. A beautiful location suitable for beginners. BYO canoe or contact leader to discuss options. Transport: $180 per car. Limit: 8. Map: Yarrangobilly 1:100,000 or Ravine 1:25,000 and Yarrangobilly 1:25,000. Leader: Mike B.

Further Information

Last did and similar trip put on by Mike 26-27 Jan 10.

On Saturday morning, attend the Reclaim Kosci Feral Horse Impact Excursion with Professor Geoff Hope.


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Waypoint and Track Files

None, as I had a little capsize and now my GPSr no work :-(.

PS. Yay, it’s dried out and working again.

Track Notes

We left Canberra at 6.20am and the 4 of us met at the Adaminaby Bakery. Also pulling in for a break were Richard and Alison, the convenors of Reclaim Kosci,  with Professor Geoff Hope. They were the organisers of the Reclaim Kosci Feral Horse Impacts: Excursion to Kosciuszko National Park event which we were attending on the way to Talbingo.

Around 44 people attended, gathering at Long Plain Hut, just off the Snowy Mountains Highway and up the Long Plain Rd. Here we received an initial briefing from Geoff and Richard.

We car pooled and drove further in Long Plain Rd and just along Peppercorn Fire Trail to near the bridge over the Murrumbidgee River, only a kilometer or so from the river’s source. Here we walked to a nearby fen, where Geoff described the ecology of fens, bogs and swamps and their importance in filtering water at the source of the Murrumbidgee.

Professor Geoff Hope give the scientific low down

He described how feral horses can degrade these features and we saw some evidence of same. Another drive further in Long Plain Rd to the edge of Little Peppercorn Flat. Here we examined a sound sphagnum and candle heath fen but, sadly, feral horse damage to the sides of the creek just below it.

Ubiquitous horse dung

Time for the boats to leave and we drove out, back to Kiandra, past Three Mile Dam, then down the Link Road/Goat Ridge Rd/Elliott Way to O’Hares Rest Area.

Plenty of room in my boat for its first overnight camp pack, including 7l of water.

We paddled around 4km down Talbingo Reservoir to the Coonara Point Rest Area, maintained by the Tumbarumba Boat & Ski Club. It’s only accessible fro the water.

A couple of ski boats about.

Ski boat at the camp site

A very pleasant and quiet evening after they roared off into the distance and a balmy and comfortable night.

A peaceful tea once the boats left

Up at 6am, breakfast, and we were on the water by 7am. Totally calm water allowed even me to enjoy the paddle down Talbingo and up the Yarrangobilly River arm until a tree blocked our way.

Paddling down the Tumut River arm of Talbingo Reservoir

Paddling up the Yarrangobilly River arm of Talbingo Reservoir

Beautiful reflections.

Paddling back down the Yarrangobilly River arm of Talbingo Reservoir

We had a short stretch of the legs and, getting back into my boat, I had a little whoops. GoPro waterproof, but I’d lost the USB connector cover on my GPSr some time ago and now it won’t go into USB mode to download waypoints and tracks :-(.

The ~15km paddle gave me a sore butt, but I managed.

Back at camp, lunch and pack up. Paddled the 4km back to the put-in point, arriving to a brief rain storm.

Paddling back to O’Hares Rest Area

A terrific trip, thanks Mike, and thank you for transporting me and my boat. And thanks for your company and advice Kevin and Ros.

Track Map




4 paddlers – Mike B (leader), Kevin F, Ros W, me.