Walkers up Cocker’s Gully under Booroomba Rocks

Saturday 10 February 2024: South Buttress Beneath Booroomba Rocks – M/R. We start from Honeysuckle car park and follow the AAWT turning at the Booroomba Rocks car park and then following the track up to Booroomba Rocks. Once there we will continue on and follow the old rock climbers track down and round to the right, looking up at the ridge above. This is an amazing spot with spectacular views, lots of rock scrambling. Returning we continue on to take in SHs 1372 and 1396 with amazing views of the Brindabella Ranges.


From Garmin Connect (MAP66i) – Distance: 14.64km | Climb: 570vm (Elev Corrections Enabled) | Time: 3:58 moving + 2:43 of stops = 6:41 | Grading: M/R; M(11).


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Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track Booroomba Rocks South Buttress and ‘Granite Dome’

Trip Report

 was last under the southern buttress of Booroomba Rocks and up on ‘Granite Dome’ on 19 May 18.

We hit the track to Booroomba Rocks car park from the Honeysuckle Creek camping ground at 7.55am. A quick 4.2km in 1:05, including a stop for views from the slab just off the AAWT to the west.

Slab on AAWT with view to the Spinnaker

A 1.2km puff for me up to the Booroomba Rocks cliff line in 28 minutes.

Booroomba Rocks cliff edge with view to SH1353

Smoko was called.

Booroomba Rocks cliff edge with view to Blue Gum Hill

The early morning cloud cover had cleared to a beautiful day.

We then set off along the shrubby rock climbers route, taking it down to under the Southern Buttress.

Some lovely scrambling east along the bottom of the cliff, more overgrown since my last trip due to 2019/20 bushfire regrowth.

Scrambling under Booroomba Rocks Southern Buttress

We passed Aitchison’s Needle (‘ACT Granite’ naming) and got an eyeful of a southern butt.

A southern butt?

We got as far round as Cocker’s Gully (‘ACT Granite’ naming), which some of the party climbed up.

Walkers up Cocker’s Gully under Booroomba Rocks

Fabulous views!

Looking back west to the top of Aitchison’s Needle and the Overhang

We winkled our way back up to near the walking track, then headed SW up to SH1372. Previously I’d crossed this high point further to the east.

View to Booroomba Rocks cliff top, SH1353 and to Canberra from SH1372

Great views from the actual SH.

Blue Gum Hill from SH1372

And further to the west.

Views from SH1372 – Bimberi Peak, ‘Dutchies Peak’ and Mt McKeahnie, Mt Gingera

We then walked the slabs up to SH1396. Matthew Higgins named this ‘Granite Dome’. Lunch was called.

There was time for us to visit the nearby ‘granite loaves’. The person who shared the location with me asked that it not go further, so geotagging has been removed from the photos and the track map doctored.

At the ‘Bread Loaves’ (geotagging removed)

What I can say, for my future reference, is that my return leg was a whole lot easier than the inward leg!

At the ‘Bread Loaves’ (geotagging removed)

Back up near SH1396, we headed for home, the return 6.1km taking 1:54.

Prolific wildflowers on the slabby area. Thanks to NatureMapr and a very kind and fast responding expert ‘Tapirlord’ I have an id.

Prolific Wildflowers – Olearia stricta var. parvilobata (Local daisy bush, grows on granitic shelves and slopes)

A truly great trip, thanks to leader Dick and party members. This is just the sort of thing that a bushwalking club like CBC can provide – an opportunity for newer members to gradually extend their abilities and experiences in a strong and supportive party.


10 walkers – Jenny A, Michael C, Anna H, Dick M (leader), Rivera M, Cole N, Kathy O’N, Wahyu S, Sonja W, me.


The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

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