View across Tallowa Gorge

Tuesday 1 October: Tallowa Gully Clifftop Walk, Morton National Park – M/R,X. The start is in the Wingello State Forest 16 km east of Marulan. We’ll walk south on fire-trails for 2 kilometres to Morton National Park. The off-track section starts on the clifftops near the confluence of Running Creek and Tallowa Gully. We’ll spend about 5 hours off-track following the the northern rim of Tallowa Gorge. There are excellent views and some interesting side creeks that have carved deep gullies. Much of the walk is in steep country and some rock scrambling is likely when negotiating the small side creeks. The off-track section of the walk has not been visited previously by the leader. Requires previous experience at equivalent of CBC “rough” grade walking. Leader: Ian W.

Further Information

Previous trips in this area led by Ian were 9 Jul 19, 25 Jun 19 and 11 Jun 19. I think there was one more that I couldn’t do.

blue 1 Oct 19 | green 9 Jul 19 | pink 11 Jun 19 | red 25 Jun 19


Distance: 14.2km | Climb: 520m | Time: 8.30am – 3.30pm (7hrs), including 55 mins of breaks | Grading: M/R; M(11+)


Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slideshow.


Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

Met at 6.30am in Woden and picked up another walker at 7am at Eaglehawk. Ready to walk at 8.30am after a kit up which included coffee for our generous driver and leader. So less than 2 hours from Woden.

We began by walking down Spotted Gum Rd to its end, then stricking down through the bush.

Descending towards Tallowa Gorge from the end of Spotted Gum Rd

We turned left at Running Creek and after 3.5km in 1hr 5mins saw our first view of the cliffs over the other side of Tallowa Gorge.

First view across Tallowa Gorge

Another 470m in 15mins along the top of the 21m cliffs saw us at morning tea.

Morning tea view

We had to head north to get across the unnamed side gully in front of us, passing some orchids on the way.

Orchids near first side gully crossing N of morning tea

A slip and a slide down to cross the gully.

Descending to cross the first side gully N of morning tea

A little colour in the bush, including a lovely Sheoak.


Next was a simple crossing of another side gully.

A little dip

From morning tea to lunch was 3.3km in 2hrs 10mins. It included lots of viewing time. The cliffs we were walking along to top of varied from 34m to 50m high. The photos show the amazing scenery.

28m cliffs on the other side of Tallowa Gorge

Walking the cliff tops of Tallowa Gorge

Colour in the bush


Rock orchids

Jacqui views the 38m cliffs across Tallowa Gorge

Tallowa Gorge

Crossing another side gully

A small pagoda

Colour in a burnt area just before lunch

Our lunch views were rather splendid.

Lunch views

After lunch, our next task was to cross Bull Point Gully. A wide detour was required.

Crossing Bull Point Gully

The side of Bull Point Gully

Climbing out of Bull Point Gully

Back on top of the cliff line, we had a fabulous view of the Gorge, including back to our lunch spot.

View back up Tallowa Gorge, including to our lunch spot

Continuing along the cliff tops, the views were ever changing.

View across Tallowa Gorge

Closer at hand, we had cave fairies.

Cave fairies

Time was ticking away as we headed towards the extent of the walk.

View down into Tallowa Gorge from just past the cave

61m high cliffs across the other side of Tallowa Gorge

Fringe lilly

Lunch to final views was 2.6km in 1hr 40mins. We took our last look.

Final views, across the side gully

Bulls Ridge Rd continued past its map-marked end to nearly the cliff line. Once we were on it, it was 4.3km of fire trail bash in 55mins back to the car.

Yet another great Tallowa Gorge trip, thanks to Ian. Not bad company either.

Track Maps


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5 walkers – Peter C, Linda G, Jacqui R, Ian W (leader), me.