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I’m walking … for
Cbr100 Beryl


Please help to show women and children suffering domestic violence that they are respected and supported

I have chosen not to use a fundraising portal. Although easy for you to use, some take 6.5% of your donation. I guarantee that every cent you donate will go to Beryl Women Inc.

1. Donate via EFT to my account BSB 082-924, Account Number 416001154, Account Name JR and GM Evans, National Australia Bank Please include Cbr100 in your transaction identification

2. Donate via Paypal here to me at or 0417436877

3. Give me cash (orange or green notes preferred!)


Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$6,700‘Thanks$5,290‘Thanks79%

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.

For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Luke 6:38

Phillip S | $100 | Huge thanks mate. The first donation really seals that I have to do it. Gave me a real lift when I picked up the notification on the way back from the Budawangs today

Linda G | $80 | Not only did she lead a fabulous walk to Bainbrig Creek and Wave Cave in the Budawangs today and drive the car, but gave me a donation when she dropped me back at my car. Thanks Linda and Peter

Gavin F | $20 | Most kind Gavin. I hope I didn’t twist your arm too much, but it’s a great cause

Dave B | $50 | Thanks Dave. Serve the community as a firie and continue to enjoy life

Paula F | $50 | Hey, hey Paula 😉 that is huge! Thank you so very much. Good luck with your 50km, maybe see you on the track 5 March

Mike E | $15 | Wow, someone unknown to me donates! That blows me away. Huge thanks Mike

Judy C/Italian tour guides/Chinese tourist group | $100 | This amount was offered for my enjoyment in showing a lovely group of international visitors a bit of Australia at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. I gratefully accepted on behalf of Beryl Womens Shelter

Rob and Jenny H | $50 | Thanks so very much good friends. The way my training is going, my aim will be to just finish this year

David and Meredith H | $50 | Thank you so much. Much appreciated!

Sean D | $50 | Tar mate. How about pacing me for a leg on the day, just for old time’s sake? Or bringing me pizza!

Sean and Julie S | $100 | Thank you very much. You are big-hearted friends

Sue B | $50 | Sue was looking for some minor advice from my blog. Thank you so much for your donation!

Jonathan M | $100 | Excellent collusion, thanks heaps

Mike B | $50 | Thank you Mike. And for support on the day

Barbara M | $40 | Thank you Barbara. Trust you are enjoying life!

Lindsay and Helen J | $200 | Wonderful, thanks so much dear friends. God bless

Gerald D | $100 | Thank you Gerald. I promise I won’t do it again 🙄 . Enjoy NZ

Alison N | $50 | Thanks Alison for the donation and encouragement. And thanks for offer of support. Maccas at midnight!

Stephen M | $67 | Thanks wise guy 🙂 . I’ll try again when I’m 80 to see if you’ll match that!

Mel and Rex | $100 | Wonderful support from my extended family. Huge thanks

Jim and Robyn S | $100 | Thank you for your donation. It’s a worthy cause

Cas L | $50 | Thanks Cas. Enjoy life! Memories of Sophie

Caity-coo and Matto B | $100 | #soproudofmydad – like it! Thanks heaps, sorry your house deposit savings took a battering

Diana and Mac K | $50 | Thank you so much and for Mac’s offer of assistance

Cynthia B | $50 | Thanks Cynthia, very kind of you. Great encouragement for this old codger

Ursula S | $20 | Thank you so much Ursula. Cheers and God bless

Tarja T | $30 | Thanks heaps Tarja. God bless

Michael and Margaret T | $50 | Many thanks Michael. Much appreciated

Cynth C | $108 | Huge thanks, chief wombassador and pizza delivery lady

Thelma C | $50 | Thank you very much Thelma. Nice to thank you in person

Mike R | $50 | Thanks Mike. I hope the photos are of use for your book

Matthew H and Stephanie H | $80 | Thanks so much Matt and Steph. Most kind

Janet E | $200 | Thank you Janet. You are a great encourager

Ian w | $50 | Thanks Ian very much. Great walk today!

Rob T | $100 | Big thanks Rob. Glad you enjoyed the Scabby tarn

Chris F | $50 | Thanks so much Chris, and for your offer to help

Malcolm and Shan S | $50 | Thank you Malcolm and Shan. Cheers and God bless

Peter and Kerrie B | $50 | Many thanks for your support and encouragement. Cheers and God bless

Sue and Mike B | $200 | Many thanks sis and BIL

Vic and Aileen G | $50 | Much appreciated, Vic and Aileen. Cheers and God bless

Bill and Joan H | $50 | Thanks so much Bill and Joan. Cheers and God bless

Warwick P | $50 | Another whom I’ve provided some small assistance to via my blog. Thank you so much Warwick. Perhaps we’ll meet 7-8 May on Mt Kelly

Graham and Wendy H | $200 | Thank you so much dear friends. God bless you heaps

Prue W | $50 | Thank you very much Prue

Lorraine T | $50 | Thanks for your support Lorraine

Melissa McC | $100 | This is awesome. Someone I don’t know, haven’t helped, donates to Beryl Womens Shelter. Huge thanks. Inspiring. There are good people out there

Harvey and Aileen C | $30 | Many thanks good friends. Great encouragement. Cheers and God bless

Peter H | $100 | Thanks Pete. Much appreciated!

John and Helen H | $50 | Wonderful! Thanks folks. Cheers and God bless

Shirley McC | $50 | Thank you Shirley. Much appreciated!

Karen C | $100 | Huge thanks Kaz! Enjoy Nepal

Kevin and Gayle D | $100 | Thank you very much. Wonderful neighbours and great new friends

Phil and Sally P | $40 | Thanks dear friends. Cheers and God bless!

Bob and Dawn J | $50 | Much appreciated! Thanks Bob and Dawn. God bless you heaps

Vivienne B | $50 | Surrounded by lovely neighbours at our new home. Thank you so much Vivienne

Janice T | $30 | Thank you Janice. You must come Tuesday walking

Jason T | $300 | Huge thanks mate. Cheers and God bless

Norm and Sue F | $300 | So kind of you. And to be at the start with your encouragement Sue. God bless you and yours heaps

Naa O | $100 | Thank you very much Naa. God bless

Kath H | $20 | Great walk by you Kath. Thanks for the donation, my geocaching mother

Matthew W | $50 | Thank you Matthew. We must find some more caches together

Sally D | $100 | Huge thanks Sally. Sorry you couldn’t join the girls. God bless you and yours heaps

Johnathan and Suzy B | $100 | Many thanks nef. Not quite up to your tri standard but my pacers got me across the line

yours truly | $20 |

Narelle W | $30 | Another great new neighbour. Thank you Narelle

Tara C (aka Belco’s favourite flamin’ red head – vote for her if you live in Gininderra and are left leaning) | $50 | Thanks heaps busy lady

Dylan E | $200 | Thanks cobbs, AUD not USD. Love to all

Greg and Nerida D | $10 | Thank you G&N. God bless

I’ll tweet during the walk to let you know how I’m going:

My tweets also go through to my Facebook page

Support Me

There are a number of points where you can drive to join the course and give me a wave, a cheer/jeer or walk along for a while (walking will be at your own risk – I have to wear a hi-vis vest and use a head torch at night, I know the route in detail; quick walking in the day and slower during the night). Give me a ring on 0417436877, or check my Twitter feed or Facebook page.

Bib # 1026

See the maps here.

gpx file with my timing estimates as at 25 Feb: Download the .gpx file. (Right click, Save Link As…, Save – if you want to use it.)
To use in Google Earth, do File, Open… and select Gps or All files as the File Type.

1 Start – Campbell High School – 8.00am Saturday.

Then, based on walking 5km/hr for the first 10 hours and 4km/hr for the next 6 hours and 3km/hr for the remainder (average speed includes breaks) –

2 Red Hill (water station 1) @8km ∼10am

3 Picnic area at Scrivener Dam opposite zoo (checkpoint 1) @20.6km ∼12noon

4 Black Mountain (water station 2) @33km ∼3pm

5 John Knight Memorial Park (near water station 3) @∼45km ∼5pm

6 Hall (checkpoint 2) @54km ∼7pm

7 Entrance to Mulligans Flat NR on Amy Ackman St Forde (checkpoint 3) @73.3km ∼12midnight

8 Crossing Horse Park Drive near the Federal Highway (water station 4) @82.9km ∼2am

9 Mt Ainslie @∼97km ∼7am Sunday

10 Finish – Campbell High School ∼8am.

2. On 5-6 March 2016 I’ll be a year older but no wiser, having a go at the 100km course as an individual.

1. In 2015 I was a member of a team of three, completing the Cbr100Challenge 100km course in 23hrs 30mins and raising $8,813.50 for Beryl Women’s Shelter.