Looking up to Square Rock from underneath

Saturday 9 March 2024: Under Square Rock and Smokers Trail (replacing Granite Tops south of Smokers Gap) – M/E-M. (From the car park at Smokers Gap, on the Corin Dam Rd, we use the Square Rock walking track to do the steepest part of the climb. Leaving the track before Smokers Flat, we head NE then E past granite boulders to the 1457m summit of the hill. We then head SE, cross Smokers Trail at its big bend, and walk N along a ridge before joining a track descending to the cars.)


From Garmin Connect (recorded on MAP66i) – Distance: 15.74km | Climb: 405vm (Elev Corrections Enabled) | Time: 3:35 moving +1:46 of stops = 5:21 | Grading: M/E-M; M(10).


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Track Map

Here’s where we went. This is a ©2003 map; the Square Rock Track has been realigned.

Track Square Rock and Smokers Trail

Trip Report

I was looking forward to the advertised trip, not having walked this area as a through trip. I was near SH1457 on 18 Jan 06 and 11 Nov 23.

We stared up the Square Rock Track at 9.05am. Pleasant walking along the partially shaded track on a morning of a promised 30+°C day.

On the Square Rock Track

Chatting walkers overshot Smokers Flat, so Jeff had to retrieve them.

Our leader crossing Smokers Flat on the Square Rock Track

From immediately north of Smokers Flat we took to the bush to the NE.

Slow going heading towards SH1393

After around 300m, the decision was made to walk this way on another day.

Different view of Smokers Flat as we returned.

Smokers Flat from the NW on our return to the track

Smoko on the SW side of Smokers Flat. We then headed towards Square Rock, taking the detour to the Orroral Valley Lookout.

Distant Hills from Orroral Valley Lookout

The day was warming up and it was cool in the shade below the ladder up to Square Rock. A couple in the party had not been to Square Rock before.

I decided to have a go at finding the route below Square Rock. Linda had shown me on 18 Jul 22. I think I visited after that and couldn’t find the way. Stephen and I set off down the gully on the left, if you’re facing the bottom of the ladder. Not far, at most 20m. There’s a route in on the right. A bit of the way in, a rocky drop. But easy – there’s a step rock that you can’t see from the top. Two large chock stones above you. Keep to the left (you’ll return up the right at this intersection). Continuing down, we came out into the open.

View from underneath Square Rock

We looked up to Square Rock.

Looking up to Square Rock

A u-turn and head back up the obvious slot.

Underneath Square Rock

More great views of the gigantic tors.

Underneath Square Rock

The route closes in and narrows (pack passing if you brought it down here), we popped out at the previously mentioned intersection and climbed up to the entrance.

Stephen emerging from underneath Square Rock

Of course we went to the top for the magnificent view.

View from Square Rock over Corin Road to High Range and into Canberra

We retreated to the shade beside the bottom of the ladder for a leisurely lunch.

Most of the party at Square Rock | photo Ming L

Leaving at 12.25pm, we walked back to the Square Rock and Smokers Trail Link intersection. Here we were given a choice of returning directly to the car park or going via Smokers Trail. Four of us chose the latter and enjoyed the signposted 7.2km back. A mite warm on Smokers Trail.

The established footpad, which includes stone steps, which goes from near the old Smokers Trail car park down to the cars, is delightful.

A nice, relaxed trip. Thanks Jeff and all.


15 walkers – Jeff B (leader), David C, Michael C, Andrea C, Ming L, Stephen M, Julienne McK, Alice Q, Marie S, Lam S, Phillip S, Wahyu S, Khuong V, Ana V, me.


The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

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