Conquering ‘Mt Evans’

Saturday 31 August: ‘Mt Evans’ – M/R,ptX. Last century Outward Bound named a knoll north of Mt Tennent ‘Mt Evans’, so I’ve been told. Wanna visit this magnificent 1008m scrubby knoll? From the Namadgi Visitors Centre, take the AAWT to the northern end of Bushfold Flats. Visit several European settler sites including Dunns’ 1910 hut site. Off-track to ‘Mt Evans’ followed by a 350vm plunge through the bush to the Park boundary. Visit the Tennent homestead site on the return to the cars. Around 14km and 700m climb. Map: Williamsdale. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877 . Transport: ~$3.

Further Information

I last attempted this walk on 16 Jun 18, but one of the party was crook and I had to take them back.


Distance: 14.7km | Climb: 750m | Time: 7.55am – 2.25pm (6hrs 30mins), including 40 mins of breaks | Grading: L/M-R,ptX; H(12)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

Walking from the Namadgi Visitors Centre at 7.55am. A stroll up to the T-intersection of the AAWT with the Mt Tennent link trail. 4.7km in 1hr 30mins, including a quick break at Cypress Pine Lookout.

View from Cypress Pine Lookout

We then continued NW and SW down the AAWT to the northern end of Bushfold Flats. Very dry along the side of the track.

Dry hillside on the AAWT descending to Bushfold Flats

Down at the northern end of Bushfold Flats we first visited Duncan McKeahnie’s 1884 Hut site.

Duncan McKeahnie’s 1884 Hut site

Then back to the gate and uphill to N Bushfold Shearing shed site – Read’s 1 stand shed.

N Bushfold Shearing shed site – Read’s 1 stand shed

Then to the NW to visit Russell and Muriel Read’s 1957 Hut site (sadly just a pile of corrugated iron since the 2003 bushfires), find a geocache and have morning tea.

The last site in this area was Martin McMahons post 1902 hut site.

Martin McMahons post 1902 hut site N Bushfold Flats Hut

I’ve been here a few times before but today we were fortunate enough to unearth a bottle.

Bottle unearthed at Martin McMahons post 1902 hut site

Anyone have any idea as to how it can be identified by the markings on the base? We left it at the site; hope no one takes it or busts it.

Our final visit in this area was further to the northern end of the Flats and through a bit of wattle scrub to Dunns’ hut c1910 site at Dunns Flat.

Wattle near Dunns Flat

Here Roger really came into his own (he’d already shared some information about the previous sites) and told us lots about this site and its history.

Roger shares the history of Dunns’ hut c1910 site

We next headed NNE through a broad saddle and light scrub.

The going near the broad saddle

Our objective was the map-marked SH1008. Some years ago a friend told me that he did Outward Bound in the 1970s and one of the waypoints on a trip was this “Mt Evans”. So definitely not named after me, but it had to be ‘conquered’.

We arrived at said location at 11.45am. Have you seen Crocodile Dundee, #2 I think? Dundee disposes of a baddie in a New York railway station and two Japanese tourist are there to photograph one of them in triumphant pose. It takes my fancy and was appropriate (at least to me) to claim ‘Mt Evans’. Lunch beside the junior sized site.

Lunch at ‘Mt Evans’

Our exit was a 350vm drop down the edge of NNP to the Tennent Homestead site. Not much said about this as it contains asbestos and is well fenced off.

Tennent Homestead site

We also paid a visit to the nearby Tennent woolshed site.

Tennent Homestead woolshed site

The last leg I’d remembered as very scrubby on the NNP side of the fence, so first went high. Justin took the lead after a while and guided us down to the power line service track.

Returning via the power line maintenance track

I’m sorry – we cut the corner a little when rejoining the Mt Tennent Walking Track.

Back down in the NVC paddock, we visited the new scar tree, the Mouat Tree and Gisgenby in a Box display.

Good trip, great company.

Track Maps




7 walkers – Shell D, Thushara De Z, Roger H, Lisa Q, Justin S, Judy Z, me.