Inside Bogong Cave

Sunday 28 May 2023: Bogong Moth Cave – S/R. From the Square Rock carpark cross Corin Dam Rd and ascend north-west to the huge cave and jumble of boulders where we will have morning tea. There are views across to Billy Billy Rocks and some fine forest, recovering from 2019 fires.


From Garmin Connect (Epix Gen 2) – Distance: 6.02km | Climb: 300vm | Time: 1:33 moving + 3:19 of stops = 4:52 | Grading: S/M-R; M(9).

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Track Notes

I was last in Bogong Cave on 29 Jun 19.

14 of us, including 2 guests, motored to the Square Rock car park (Corin Hub). A cold and windy morning, with a few drops of showers towards the end.

Walking by just before 9am. We crossed Corin Road into the frosty grass.

A frosty start

We crossed Gibraltar Creek and ‘Bog 2’, a feeder into Gibraltar Creek. Pretty easy walking to this stage.

Crossing ‘Bog 2’

Continuing up to the NW, we entered a different vegetation zone at 1300m and the going became a little more difficult.

Entering a band of burnt Alpine Ash saplings at 1300m

A little further up and we ran into fallen timber.

Add fallen timber and wattle regrowth at 1320m

A life lesson a bit further up – hold on, keep growing!

Tenacity – at 1360m

At a chosen map spot, we turned a little S of W to walk the spur heading for our objective.

A slow climb to the cave, the walker out front at the time choosing the absolutely incorrect approach to the massive tors and cave entrance. Criticism accepted – it was me. We circled S around the knoll on the way in and described an even wider arc on the way out. The better approach is from the East. An excellent jumble of tors and the Bogong Cave, protected by quite dense eucalypt regrowth and granite.

A scout around the back of the cave revealed no additional exit. To the right was a solid wall of tor, to the left a deep crack in the rock. I retreated.

The back of Bogong Cave

Leaving the cave, we turned left. The tors forced us in an ever increasing arc to the S, until we could get back onto the correct line.

Morning tea was quickly consumed in the cold wind. We retreated to the warmth of our cars.

Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track Bogong Cave

The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.


14 walkers – Dianne McD, Graeme McD, Jenny H, Rob H (leader), Joanne H, Richard H, Megan L, Richard M, Lena O, Mark P, Lam S, Phillip S, Tilly T, me.

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