The Paralyser as we turn down

Wednesday 28 August: Snowshoe from Guthega to The Paralyser. Leader: Mike B.

Further Information

Similar to 9 Aug 18.


Distance: 10.4km | Climb: 440m | Time: 9.05am – 2.10pm (5hrs 5mins), including 45 mins of breaks | Grading: M/M; M(10)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

A 6.30am meet and I whisked my passengers via Cooma, Berridale and Jindabyne to Guthega. Roads all clear and a very nice day – mainly blue sky. The day car park was only around half full.

Shoes on and we began at the Illawaong Walk.

Heading out from Guthega

Down over Blue Cow Creek.

Crossing Blue Cow Creek

Then the initial steep climb up the spur towards SMA0318.

A steep climb up the spur to SMA0318

Huge views to the west and the east, with Mt Twynam identifiable.

View east as we climb the spur

Mt Twynam

View west from 1840m

The long haul continued, even after SMA0318 came into view.

Climbing towards SMA0318

So did the impressive views.

Surveying the scene to the west from just north of SMA0318

At last we reached the trig.


The lovely vistas to the south and SW continued.

View south to The Paralyser and SW to the Main Range

Once again, the map-marked The Paralyser eluded us as we began to turn away from it and begin the descent to Spencers Creek.

Beginning of the descent to Spencers Creek

Beautiful Snow Gums as we descended towards lunch, the snow firmer than last year.

Snow Gum on the descent to Spencers Creek

We stopped for lunch at 12noon. Although the wind had come up and it was cold at the exposed location, the view could not be missed.

Lunch views to the West and NW

We broke out of the tree line and descended closer towards Spencers Creek than the last trip.

Down to Spencers Creek

Walking beside Spencers Creek was the highlight of the day. It was absolutely stunning!

Beside Spencers Creek

Spencers Creek

Spencers Creek

We came to the confluence of Spencers Creek and the Snowy River, barely recognisable with the chilly water flowing under the snow.

Confluence of Snowy River and Spencers Creek

We then handrailed the Snowy River for a while.

Snowy River bridge

At last we were back at the outskirts of Guthega, not much parking here today.

Above Guthega Pondage

True to the forecast, the clouds started to roll in, with Consett Stephen Pass covered.

Yet another great snowshoe trip, thanks Mike for organising it and for your company Margaret.

Track Map




3 walkers – Mike B (leader), Margaret P, me.