2019 08 24 Below The Belfry | photo Janice H

Saturday 24 August: Orroral Ridge of Stone from Orroral Valley – M/R. From the Orroral River bridge, climb very steeply up the SE end of the Orroral Ridge of Stone through The Cloisters to The Belfry. A short fixed rope assisted passage is navigated. Walk the ridge track to the car park. Follow the road to the top of the Link Track, then off-track again through tight scrub for one kilometre to find a geocache hidden by a club member in the granite tors. Return south to rejoin the Link Track and follow it down to the valley floor, visiting two recognised indigenous shelter sites. Around 13 km and 500m climb. Map: Corin Dam. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877 john@johnevans.id.au . Transport: ~$7 per person.

Further Information

Last climbed up here on 11 Jul 17. Last visited the ‘Tunnel of Love’ on 19 Mar 13. Hats off to Lisa for walking today, home for only 1 day after a huge climb of Mt Bartle Frere, the highest hill in Queensland.


Distance: 13.8km | Climb: 700m | Time: 8.20am – 2.30pm (6hrs 10mins), including 50 mins of breaks | Grading: L/R; H(12)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

We met at 7.30am opposite my old folks home. A bit chilly at -a few degrees C. Drove to the Orroral Tracking Station car park where, surprisingly, it was warmer than in town. However our route up the nose of the Orroral Ridge of Stone was still in shade.

A quick leg across the Orroral River bridge and along the Link Track to our go bush point. 1.7km in 20mins.

The climb from here to The Belfry was 1.6km across the ground, rising 450vm and taking 1hr 40min. Horrible scrub at the bottom with a lot of Bursaria. It got better as we neared the tors of The Cloisters.

The party at big boulders below The Cloisters | photo Janice H

We first passed a large tor.

Thushara gives scale to a granite tor at The Cloisters

Then a tall cave.

The tall cave at The Cloisters

Then the standing rope assist climb.

Bottom of the rope assist at The Cloisters

Sorry if I overstated the difficulty.

Left turn and up through here on the rope assist at The Cloisters

The best thing for me was that rock climber Janice confirmed that this area is indeed The Cloisters (named in the ACT Granite book).

We then picked up the rock climber’s footpad and, aided by a few cairns, soon joined the well defined crest footpad and arrived at The Belfry. A view, a geocache and morning tea.

View down to Orroral Valley from The Belfry

An easy next leg, along the crest footpad to the collimation tower car park, down Orroral Ridge Rd and right onto the Link Track to our next go bush point (which is misplaced on the track map – it should be on the more southerly track).

The going was fine for most of the leg in.

Easy going around half way between leaving the Link Rd and ‘Tunnel of Love’

It was only near our objective that it got very slow and tight. Finally made the ‘Tunnel of Love’.

The ‘Tunnel of Love’ so named by Ian the granite hunter

We walked through it from west to east, surveyed the options for making progress, turned about and walked through it from east to west. Further scrambling got us up higher into the great tors and we found a spot for lunch.

Rock climber Janice enjoys lunch with a view

We left lunch to the north and west. It is amazing how different the going was! No scrambling, no big drops, relatively scrub. A doddle. The inward leg of 900m took 38mins. The return leg of 870m took 26mins.

Back down on the Link Track, we headed down. Stopped to look at a recognised aboriginal rock shelter.

W-G OR20 Rock Shelter

And so back to the cars.

Sometime during the day we found and logged the final GZ of geocache GC5YQTG Mr. Mojo Risin.

Good day. Great team!

Track Maps


Track detail of The Cloisters



8 walkers – Meghan B, Joe C, Thushara De Z, Janice H, Chris P, Lisa Q, Diana T, me.