‘Grandpa’ duties with 3 inspiring young ladies at the Canberra Lifeline Fun Run

Sunday 23 November: Canberra Lifeline Fun Run (Walk) – S/E. An amble, with a few thousand others, along the new Majura Parkway.

3 of us drove in to the starting line.


Distance: 5.0km | Climb: pretty flat | Time: 9.30am-10.30am (1hr) | Grading: S/E; VE(3)

Track Map



Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slideshow.

Track Notes

This was the idea of Rachel Stevens, an extraordinary young lady at Eternity church. She’s an author and a painter. Check out her work at www.rachaelstevens.com.au .

The 4 of us ambled along, but there were more on the team. We met 3 more at the start, but lost them. At least 2 others from Eternity ran the 10km.

I learned a few things today. Young people are amazed that we still have a land line at home; wonder how we communicated without mobile phones; the sum of the 3 ages of my companions was less than my years; I’m old.

But it was fun.

There must have been 2 or 3 thousand people out there. Good on you Lifeline!


4 walkers – Lauren, Imogen, Rachel, me.