Molonglo Ridge from Yarrow Pic

Saturday 29 November: Woolcara’s Molonglo Ridge to Yarrow Pic – L/M. ‘Woolcara’ is a private property owned by a mate. Here’s a great opportunity to stroll along the Molonglo Ridge to the lovely cairn at Yarrow Pic. Open grazing land walking, although a bit of a huff and puff to get up to the crest. Extensive views across Googong Dam to the Brindabellas. Around 16km and 600m climb. Map: Hoskinstown. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877 Transport: $12 per person. Late bookings considered.

7 of us drove in 2 cars to the Woolcara homestead (private property – you need permission to come in here).

Further Information

Look for geocache GCTE97 Carwoola Church.


Distance: 19.4km | Climb: 850m | Time: 8.20am-3.15pm (6hrs 55mins), with 1 hr 20 mins of breaks | Grading: L/M; H(12-)

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Track Notes

Didn’t stop for a couple of caches on the Captains Flat Road. But we did call in at St Thomas Carwoola Church. Dick found the cache for me and we had a quick look at the cemetery and the church building. Returned to Woolcara Lane and drove to the homestead.

We followed the vehicle track up through sheds and houses to the shearing shed. The track continued into the paddocks and across Chimney Creek. Then came the huff and puff as we climbed 220m to the crest of the Molonglo Ridge.

A lovely blue sky, warm day. Plenty of flies accompanied us and only desisted when we enjoyed the breeze at times. An undulating, shadeless wander north. A few more ups and downs than I remembered from 31 Jan 12. Disturbed a decent sized brown snake as we sidled SH1053. We spied a lone tree in the distance casting some shade, so headed for it for morning tea.

Instead of following the crest, we bent away to the NW across the top of a gully system and approached Yarrow Pic from the SE. Spotted a couple of pigs and eagle-eyed Cynthia saw a group of five deer. Enjoyed the views then retired to the perfect lunch spot – shade, views, breeze to keep the flies away. A generous 40 minutes. Entertained by a couple of soaring eagles.

Exited to the NE and looped around the crest through SH1047, SH1068 and SH1001. Wandered on south and had an afternoon break in the shade of the trees near SH1072.

4 of us went up to Mt Molonglo.

Certainly less huff and puff as we returned down to the homestead. The working dogs greeted us again as we walked past.

Very different to usual walks. Open grazing land, not much shade, great views to distant features.


7 walkers – Cynthia B, Mark C, Nathan H, Dick R, Chris R, Victoria W, me.

Mark penned a marvellous ‘pome’

Woolcara Walk

They do say the path is narrow
As was the way to old Yarrow
Pic not peak as Scots know
Farmer’s fence down to Googong
Strewn with thistle some of saffron
Fly blown walker searches while
Away slithers the serpent vile
At hilltop gates mates would wait
Though the last was never late
One more rest and some for smoko
Not far on to Molonglo
Question being ‘is there a trig’?
Follow the trail of the wild pig
Day still warming cloud not forming
Till tomorrow with rain storming
And open up will the heavens
To thank Woolcara from team Evans