Split Rock from Cotter Gap


Sunday 23 June 2024: Cotter Gap ! – L/E. A stroll to Cotter Gap from Orroral Valley.


From Garmin Connect (recorded on Epix Gen 2) – Distance: 18.36km | Climb: 630vm | Time: 4:05 moving +0:33 of stops =4:38 | Grading: L/E; M(9).


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Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track Cotter Gap

Trip Report

I was last at Cotter Gap on 23 Sep 23.

My bad today. CBC had a trip to Cotter Gap and I’d arranged with the leader to start early, as I’m paranoid about holding up fellow walkers as I crawl uphill. I started too early and they were delayed a bit, so I met them around halfway between Sawpit Creek and the AAWT/Cotter Hut Rd as I was coming back and they were walking in.

Last Friday 21 June was the winter solstice. Today had 1 second more daylight than Friday so, yay, it’s nearly summer.

A cool start at the Orroral Valley Tracking Station site.

It dropped to -5degC

Walking at 8.15am. It was frosty down in the valley as I hiked along Cotter Hut Rd.

Frosty Orroral Valley

From the start to the junction of the AAWT and Cotter Hut Rd was 5.7km in 1:23. That hill up from the valley knocks me around.

Nice walking on the AAWT.

Walking in the AAWT just after the Cotter Rd intersection

A couple of boggy patches heading down towards Sawpit Creek.

Crossed the creek at 10.15am, the leg on the AAWT 2.2km in 0:37.

Sawpit Creek

The climb up to Cotter Gap is another bugga for me. Sawpit Creek to Cotter Gap was 1.3km in 0:32, climbing 200vm.

I decided not to wait for my companions, good decision in the end. Reversed out. Had smoko at Sawpit Creek, a chat with John and party when we met and hit the car at 12.50pm.

Lovely day when the temperature climbed a bit.


1 walker – moi.


The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

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