Higher Namadgi hills over the ‘Mavis Ridge’ from Nursery Hill

Tuesday 14 July: A different approach to Nursery Hill via the N-W and some nice boulders – M/M. The walk wanders up Nursery Swamp then turns up the main feeder creek to the west.  After crossing the creek and following it for about a km we head for a saddle that then leads up a wooded spur graced by some interesting granite boulders, to Nursery Hill at 1428 metres. Return down the N-E slopes to the swamp.  Nice wooded country, not too scrubby.  Climb of ∼480 m and scrapes into the M for distance and M for terrain. Leader: Jenny H.

10 of us drove in 3 vehicles to the Nursery Swamp car park.


Distance: 16.2km | Climb: 550m | Time: 8.40am-3.20pm (6hrs 40mins), including 1 hour of breaks | Grading: L/M-R; M(11)

Track Maps

Track overview

Track 1

Track 2


I’d take the Google Earth Elevation Gain with a grain of salt


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

This is why we live in Canberra and walk in the ACT. 0-10ºC in town. Out where we were a blue sky, little breeze, some snow on the higher ground and crisp, clean air. You wouldn’t be dead for quids today!

A stroll up the Nursery Swamp Walking Track and down and along to the end of the track. 4.4km in 1hr 5mins. Then further down the side of the swamp and round the corner along the side of the creek that runs down from the west. Just after crossing the creek we stopped in the sun for morning tea. A further 2.2km in 40mins.

From here, south-west climbing gently to a saddle, where we turned south-east onto a spur which rises up to Nursery Hill. Some reasonably open going to the saddle. From around the 1400m contour on the spur we walked through some fine granite tors. A little snow in the shade. We made Nursery Hill at 12.15pm. From morning tea was 2.4km in 1hr 30mins. ‘Mr Namadgi’, Rob H, tells me that this route originally came from Vance Brown. My previous trips via this route were on 28 Jul 12 and 16 Jul 11.

The lunch spot atop the tors of Nursery Hill was perfect. The sun streamed on us from the northern sky, the breeze was mostly still, the tea was hot, the snow on the nearby hills gleaming in the light. Check out the video. Jenny gave us 40mins to enjoy it, and handed round the licorice allsorts.

We came off the hill to the north and descended directly down to the corner where we’d turned up the side creek. Lovely open going at the top. We found a slot in granite blocks for some of the party to play in. A little scrub towards the bottom before we broke out into the open. A kangaroo track got us across the western creek and back onto dry ground. This leg 1.4km in 50mins. I’ve not used this route before.

5.8km in 1hr 35mins saw us back at the cars.

Thanks to Jonathan who lent me a pole to bring my bung right knee home.

A lovely day and trip. Thanks Jen and all.


10 walkers – Eric G, Linda G, Meredith H, Jenny H (leader), Rob H, Barry K, Jonathan M, Mike R, Ian W, me.

Next Tuesday Walk

Tuesday 21 July: Bang! A Googong Wander – M/M. From London Bridge car park, walk via the bridge and caves to Gelignite Crossing on the Queanbeyan River.  Then down through Compo Canyon, home of Rosenberg’s monitor (though they’ll be hibernating in winter). Then out of the gorge and back to the cars. About 10km or so.  Requires some rock-hopping and a bit of a short scramble. Map: Captains Flat. Leader: Matthew Higgins. Bookings: John Evans 0417 436 877 john@johnevans.id.au . Transport: ∼$10.