Molonglo River

Saturday 13 December: Geocaching the HMAS Ships series – M/E. A morning stroll east of John Gorton Drive/Coppins Crossing Rd bagging some of the 100 caches in this series.

I drove along the new John Gorton Drive, which becomes the Coppins Crossing Rd just before the crossing, to park just up the hill next to the gates after crossing the Molonglo River.

Further Information

Look for geocaches in the HMAS Ships series.


Distance: 10.9km | Climb: 225m | Time: 7.15am-11.05pm (3hrs 50mins), with no breaks | Grading: M/E,X; E(5)

Track Map



Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slideshow.

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kml File

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Track Notes

A gentle wander. Not sure whether I’ve been in here before, anyway, not as far. Missed #3 on the way in. The late twenties took a little searching, my GPSr often being 10m off. Gave up in disgust at myself when I couldn’t find #31. A more direct route back along old forestry tracks and one fence hop. Did #3 just after meeting another cacher walking in.

Home to find Gay still at the breakfast table.


1 walker – me.