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David Brayshaws cairn

David Brayshaws cairn is located beside the Old Boboyan Rd (South) in the Namadgi National Park.

Location: GR 55H FA 79461-30939 (MGA94), Yaouk 8626-2N 1:25000

David Brayshaws cairn, March 2011

Visits: 16-17 Sep 23, 13 Oct 15, 20 Sep 14, 19 Jul 14, 31Aug-1Sep 13, 19 Jul 11, 24 Jun 08, 18 Mar 08

Photographs are available.


• Signage at Brayshaws Hut/Start of Settlers Track: In August 1931 David met a tragic end while riding home from nearby ‘Bobeyan’ where his brother lived. He left after lunch but didn’t arrive home that evening. Two days later his riderless horse was found with David’s body lying nearby. Stirrup irons were still on his feet and his hat and whip were on the ground nearby. He had died from exposure. Today the place is marked by a small pile of white rocks. David was 79 years of age.

Gudgenby: A register of archaeological sites in the proposed Gudgenby National Park, J H Winston-Gregson MA thesis, ANU, 1978. Site B1. Marks the place where David Brayshaw died of a heart attack on a Sunday evening in 1940 (?) while riding from James Brayshaw (BR11) to Boboyan Homestead (B2). (source Noel Luton 15 July 1977, corroborated by Mrs I Curtis 29 July 1977). See extracts of the relevant pages in the photos above.

• Steve Brayshaw’s paper: “Located at grid reference: 679452 East, 6030943 North Jim Westerman placed the rocks where they are, under instructions from Morris Luton. Mary Jane Westerman, his sister in law collected the rocks. Davey left his brother Richard in the afternoon after having lunch with him, as he always did once a week. Just down from Bobeyan he was thrown from his horse and died from exposure. He died on 31 August 1931, Fourth son sixth child.”

• Sites of Significance in the ACT. A 9 volume set, pre-cursor to the ACT Heritage Register. Published in 1988 (Vols 1-7), 1989 (Vol 8) and 1990 (Vol 9); pp38-43. Site PT11. See extracts of the relevant pages in the photos above.