The guyed pole near Mt Gingera

Saturday-Sunday 9-10 July: Sub 24 hour camping #5: Pryors Hut. Day 1: An afternoon roam up Stockyard Spur Track. Camping by Pryors Hut. Approx 8 km 500 m climb. Optional trip to Mt Gingera. Approx 5 km and 200m climb. Day 2: A morning return by the same route. Approx 8km. Ideal bush break for busy people. Suitable as an overnight pack trip for beginners. Map: Corin Dam. Leader: Sean S. Transport: ∼$40 per car. Book: Preferably by email before 1800 Thu. Limit: 8.

I was picked up and driven in comfort to Corin Dam. 7 of us gathered.


Distance: 24.5km | Climb: 1350m | Time: 2 half days | Grading: M/M; M(10)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

I’ve been hankering for over a year, ever since Sean’s sub 24 hours camping trips began, to get on one. This weekend was the opportunity! And with the chance of some snow thrown in too.

I was picked up from home (as is the style of CBC overnight trips) and whisked to the meeting point at Corin Dam. We passed Corin Forest with its tiny patch of skiing and play snow and it was well patronised. New and old friends gathered.

Nearly two years have past since I’ve walked up the steep approach to Stockyard Spur. It’s got no gentler, I have a bung knee at the moment and we were carrying overnight bags. An aside – these sub 24 hour trips are not only great for the time poor and those new to overnight trips, but you need to carry everything for overnight and extended trips, perhaps in those circumstances augmented by a spare pair of socks and y-fronts and ∼600gm of food per extra day. So a huge opportunity.

We puffed up to the helipad, Gerald leading the way. A chance to find and log geocache GC64F3X Very Steep Trail for Next 2km, and for Chris to pick it up on the way home. A top leader, allowing individuals to have their head (or, in my case, the tail) and only regroup at a few obvious and declared locations.

We hit the snow around 1.5km on from the helipad. A few light showers previously caused us to don coats. More snow on the Stockyard Spur vehicle track by the time we hit 1600m. At the right and left lookouts the snow was heavier on the ground and no chance of a view.  We pressed on, calling in at the old brumby yard just off the track. Good cover on the vehicle track as we walked towards the junction with the Mt Frankin Road.

Patchy along the Mt Franklin Road and a little less at Pryors Hut, as the photos show. Arrived at 3.30pm, having left at 12.30pm.

An offer of doing Mt Gingera now, so Sean and I set off. Absolutely delightful! We followed others’ tracks, quite warm (t-shirt) and totally windless. The only downer was the view. Check out the videos. A 1hr 45mins round trip, back around 5.15pm. Nick, a lone shoer, arrived. We both set up tents in the dark.

A convivial time in Pryors Hut for tea. An antechinus (or just common mouse?) entertained us by poking its head out a hole in the wall. Many tall stories told.

A mild and still night.

Up at 6am and Sarah, Chris, Paul and I (with Nick) headed for Mt Gingera at 7am. Still windless. Passed the Scotts Pine arboretum, the 21 Mile marker and I pointed out the Alpine Botanical Annexe as we headed up the Gingera footpad. Nick (young and fit) disappeared into the distance. Another nice time on top, the first for Sarah, Chris and Paul. A fraction more breeze and less view than yesterday. Nick was there making a coffee before he set of on shoes along the Gingera ridge. Sarah led us back, me trying hard to keep up with her. A 1 hour 40mins trip.

Packed up and we left just after 9am. An uneventful trip down, if a little painful on my knee going down the steps. 2 hours 30mins for the trip. A plethora of people walking up the footpad to Stockyard Spur – 2 runners (one I passed near the bottom turned round to go up again); a beaut family of mum and dad a three youngsters; a large party of 9 or 10; and, at the seat which overlooks Corin Dam, a couple with a toddler and 4 week old baby. So great to see so many enjoying the outdoors!

A fabulous trip. No fuss but very competent leadership, excellent party of old and new friends and a little adventure in the snow so close to Canberra. I might organise a snowshoe trip up on Thursday following the Monday-Tuesday dump.

If you haven’t tried one of these sub 24 hour trips … do! Thanks Sean, Julie and all.

Track Maps

Track overview

Track 1

Track 2



7 walkers – Chris C, Gerald D, Paul E, Sarah K, Julie S, Sean S (leader), me.