Entering the Colinton tunnel

Tuesday 30 October: Bumbalong Road to Bredbo plus Bredbo to Rothlyn Rd – along the railway line – L/E. This is a recce of part of the disused Goulburn Bombala rail corridor that goes south of Canberra. The route is being checked for its suitability to be used by the Save Kosci walkers. Bumbalong Road to Bredbo is 10 km and Bredbo to Rothlyn Rd 12 km. Probably have a beer at the Bredbo pub after the walk. Leader: Roger E.


Distance: 22.3km (+ 2.1km walk into Bredbo) | Climb: 270m | Time: 9.00am – 5.20pm (8hrs 20mins), including car shuttles, breaks, geocaching and drinks | Grading: L/E; M(9+)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

We met at 7.45am in the Lanyon Marketplace car park, opposite my old folks home. Drove down the Monaro Highway. Lots and lots of bikies returning from Phillip Island. Sadly, one killed in Bredbo in the afternoon.

We turned west along Bumbalong Rd and walkers dropped at the Colyers Creek bridge whilst drivers did a car shuttle to Bredbo. This provided the opportunity to find and log geocache GC6A0CP The Forgotten Bridge I – Colyers Creek. One muggle was particularly interested. We walked the few hundred metres to the start of the recce and waited for the drivers to return.

We all agreed that this recce was far more pleasant than we had imagined it could be. We soon left the more difficult walking of the railway line, with its coarse gravel and irregularly spaced sleepers. Either side of the railway line easement provided easier walking.

A number of fences across the line provided distracting small hazards. Several of them were constructed to provide a laneway for moving stock from one side of the line to the other.

There were great views to the Clear Range and a lovely sight of the Murrumbidgee River as it turned a nearby elbow,

Another wonderful distraction was the egg-shaped Colinton tunnel. A lovely construct of brickwork. Inside, another muggle assisted Marmaduke Rothschild and I to find and log GC6A0C8 The Forgotten Tunnel I – Colinton Tunnel. That’s unfair – Terrylea made the find!

The day was warming up, but a nice breeze kept the temperature down in the morning. It did get hot in the afternoon.

Coming into Bredbo, we crossed two rail bridges. The first was holey and could be bypassed by crossing the creek it spanned. The second, shorter, bridge was intact.

Lunch in Bredbo provided the opportunity for GC6Z1N2 Village of Poplars to be found and logged. Never noticed this cast iron poplar before.

We then all drove further south down the Monaro Highway and turned in east along Rothlyn Rd to the rail line. We then walked north back to Bredbo. A couple more fences across the line.

At 4km my feet gave out and I took a couple of pain killers to get home. Margo (and the pain) convinced me to organise some cortisone shots, if I am to continue walking.

A bit dryer and less interesting on this leg of the recce. The main bridge over the Bredbo River near the town was an old beauty.

I walked into town and the pub and we enjoyed some refreshing drinks.

Then followed a salutary lesson in geocaching persistence! In my usual half-hearted fashion, I had a quick search for GC7Y704 Man from Snowy River Bredbo Inn. No joy, as I failed to make the obvious connection. I quickly gave up, but muggle Margo persisted. With some local advice, she found the cache, brought it to the drinks table and I signed on. She took it back. Again the local assistance intervened and asked Margo if she’d found anything extra of interest. After a couple of more visits, Margo was rewarded, and deservedly so! I think we have a new member coming over to the dark side!

Thanks Roger and all. A great opportunity to assist Linda and the Save Kosci campaign.

Track Maps

Track overview recce 5

Track overview Bumbalong Rd to Bredbo

Track overview recce 6

Track overview Rothlyn Rd to Bredbo


11 walkers – Margo C, Roger E (leader), Chris F, Denis G, Frank and Anna G, Terrylea R, Ian W, Tim and Gabrielle W, me.