Supermoon from our view break

Friday evening 29 September 2023: Moonlit wander (on Mt Majura) – M/E. Weather permitting – enjoy a moonlit walk in Majura and Ainslie Reserves. Starting from Antill Street, before sunset we’ll admire the afternoon light on trees as we follow the main path up towards the seat (at the junction that leads up to the towers). Heading south westerly along the trail, we’ll have glimpses of the sunset looking westerly over the Canberra Suburbs. Before descending down the zig-zag path, we will take a moment to have a cuppa watching the full moon rising. Under moonlight, we head down the trail towards the lower dams, and via the Powerlines Track, Old Tsr Track, Cherryburn Trail, the main path loop back to our starting point. This walk is all on formed paths, single tracks, steps and undulating fire trails. Enjoy the night sounds and surrounds! Warm clothing and torch/headlamp essential.


From Garmin Connect (MAP66i) – Distance: 9.59km | Climb: 340vm | Time: 2:22 moving + 1:05 of stops = 3:27 | Grading: M/E; E(6+). I’d give it a + Grading because of the night walking.


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Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track Moonlit wander on Mt Ainslie

Trip Report

I was last on Mt Majura on 12 Oct 22.

This evening’s walk was an extremely well put together trip. Real attention to detail, including the best viewpoints and stops. Great pre-trip briefing, reinforced at every major stop by a more detailed description of what was to come on the next leg.

From the Antill St Hackett entrance we walked up to the bottom steps and further up to the bridge at the dry waterfall.

Sun line creeps up the dry waterfall

Super view when we turned around too.

Golden sunset in the opposite direction

Jenny got us into line at the sheep camp junction, then led us SW. Behind us, the moon was rising.

Supermoon on the rise

We had a viewing stop a bit further on, then down to our tea break using a combination of walking track and bush tracks. My photos got worse as the darkness descended.

Moon reflection on the dam at our tea break

Fire trail took us south, then generally north. Another view break just over the fence beside the fire trail in an open area.

Enjoying another view break in the dark

Back up to the track junction and carefully down our inward route saw us back at the cars at 9pm.

An excellent trip, so very well led. Thanks Jenny and all.


10 walkers – Jenny A (leader), Helen B, Chris D, Hanna D, Rose F, Laeli H, David J, Sal O, Grace S, me.


The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

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