Lunch views to The Pimple from Tidbinbilla Peak

Saturday 27 May: Snowy Corner to Tidbinbilla Mountain – M/R. Car park-top of Lyre Bird trail– Snowy Corner–Mt Tidbinbilla–ridge–line–Tidbinbilla Peak–part of the Camel Hump trail-car park. ~700m climb, 10 km, ~6 ½ hours. Map: Tidbinbilla. Leaders: Rob and Jenny H. Transport: ~$30 per car.

Further Information

Last time I was here was 13 Jun 15, and I was interested to see how the Skyline track clearance was progressing.


Distance: 9.6km | Climb: 780m | Time: 8.50am – 4.00pm (7hrs 10mins), including 50 mins of breaks | Grading: M/R; M(11)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

Started from the Mountain Creek car park at 8.50am and walked up the link track to cross the Camel Back fire trail onto the Lyrebird Trail. Passed the Cascade Trail turnoffs. Rob gave us a bit of scrub bashing practise as we sidled up to join the footpad on the spur rising 450 vertical metres to the Tidbinbilla Range crest.

This footpad is very well developed. A new, second seat half way up. A few tapes and cairns towards the top. Made the 1.3km trip up in 1hr 10mins. A reward of morning tea by the Snowy Corner cairn, a bit cool in the shade.

We then headed north, initially on a well defined footpad. It deteriorated a bit through the shrubbery, but was easy enough to follow. It passed through the one open patch in the Snowy Corner area. It climbed to Tidbinbilla Mountain from the east. 50mins for the 1.1km leg.

A bit cloudy on top. Corin Dam was appearing then disappearing through the clouds.

Exiting the top to the NW, we swung around to the NE and headed along the crest. Down in the saddle we started to pick up a few tapes. They soon became more plentiful and I decided to waypoint them on the rest of the leg to Tidbinbilla Peak. This work on the Skyline Track certainly makes the trip more enjoyable, allowing more scope (particularly for the leader) to enjoy the scenery. 1hr 20mins or the leg from Tidders Mountain to Tidders Peak.

Lunch on the Peak, with the huge views west to The Pimple. The pad exiting to the north to Johns Peak looked very well defined. Might pop up and have a look sometime soon.

We left lunch at 1.35pm and headed SE down the spur, through Rob’s ‘boulders’ map stop, to pop out on the Camel Back Fire Trail. 1hr 50mins for the 2.1km leg. Still plenty of close, brittle regrowth saplings on the top half, but getting easier.

2.1km in 35mins down to the cars.

Always a beaut round. Thanks Rob and Jenny and all.

Track Map


Track detail Tidbinbilla Mountain to Peak


12 walkers – Leanne A, Anita D, Jared H, Rob and Jenny H (leaders), Anne K, Stephen M, Quentin M, Lisa Q, Jenny S, Imaina W, me.