Paddling on Lake Yarrunga | photo Mike Bremers

Tuesday – Wednesday 22-23 October – H. Paddle on Tallowa Dam to Bundanoon Creek. Leader: Mike B.

Further Information

A similar paddle on 13-14 May 19, except that was up the Shoalhaven River.


Distance: 26.6km | Time: 2 days including driving | Grading: M-H paddle for me.


Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slideshow. Sorry about all the green bows – I’ll have to raise the GoPro.

Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

A drive via the Federal, Hume and Illawarra Highways to Moss Vale, then Nowra Rd, Moss Vale Rd down Barrengarry Mountain to Kangaroo Valley for morning tea. Mount Scanzi Rd and Tallowa Dam Rd to the launching area.

Arriving at Tallowa Dam

A big adventure canoe group getting ready, so we had a chat to see where they were planning to go. We loaded our boats and set off up the Kangaroo River.

Paddling the Kangaroo River

We saw the NSWPWS camp site at the junction of Kangaroo River and Bundanoon Creek, but decided to paddle on up Bundanoon Creek.

Rounding into Bundanoon Creek

The creek eventually narrowed.

Paddling Bundanoon Creek

The end of water was reached after 4.3km.

End of water in Bundanoon Creek

We backed off a little and pulled in for lunch on a sandy island.

Cliffs above the navigable point in Bundanoon Creek

Cliff lines towered above us.

Cliffs above the navigable point in Bundanoon Creek

Paddling back down, we took a left into Sandy Creek.

Paddled up it, passing a sand bar, then the end of water.

Sand bar in Sandy Creek

End of water in Sandy Creek

Returned down Sandy Creek.

Returning down Sandy Creek

Back out into Bundanoon Creek, we paddled on back to the camp site.

A surprise greeted us, a flotilla of a third of the adventure group planned to camp at the same place!

Company for the night

But they were very well behaved, even doing an emu bob the next morning.

We set up camp and enjoyed leisurely pre-dinneries and tea. Late to bed for me, must have been around 8pm. Mike set up his tripod and got some magnificent shots at 2am.

Night sky | photo Mike Bremers

Up and breakfasted after a mild night, we packed up to various stages, then hit the water to paddle further up Kangaroo River.

Paddling up the Kangaroo River arm of Lake Yarrunga

We had a peak around the corner opposite Beehive Point.

Beehive Point

Then decided to paddle south up the short arm opposite it.

Near the end of water of the short arm

Returned north back to the Kangaroo River and headed back to the camp site.

Rounding out of the short arm back into the Kangaroo River

Packed and loaded after morning tea. A local saw us off.

Local goanna | photo Mike Bremers

Paddled back and loaded the cars.

Packing up

A coffee and lunch in Bundanoon on the way back. A photo comp was on display in the cafe and we spotted an entry by Sandy B. So we thought it would be funny if we ran into Ian S – he walked by ten minutes later and we had a great catch up.

Terrific trip thanks Mike and Max!

Track Maps

Track overview

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3


3 paddlers – Mike B (leader), Max S, me.