View from SH985 to Mt Tennent over Booroomba Hill

Tuesday 2 August 2022: Spot Height 985 above Corin Road ! – S/E-M,XA short trip above Corin Road to the lowest bump. AllTrails shows a fire trail ascending to the crest SE above Corin Road, up to an 880+m knoll. There are opportunities to climb further to the NE to SH985 and SW to a 1030+m knoll for geocaches. Should be grand views down to the SE to the Booroomba property from the edge of Namadgi National Park.


From Garmin Connect  – Distance: 5.53km | Climb: 440m | Time: 1hr 46mins moving + 31mins of stops and geocaching | Grading: S/E-M,X; M(8).


Photographs are available here.

gpx File

The gpx file is available here.

Track Notes

AllTrails shows a fire trail rising from Corin Road to the crest of the bumpy ridge above it to the south-east. There are some geocaches up there too, with recent cachers riding their e-bikes up. In better days I’ve been up to geocaches on higher knolls above Woods Reserve, on 22 Aug 19 and 3 Jun 17.

A good mate was available for an afternoon recce, so we motored out to park in a good spot on a wide verge of Corin Road.

Parking beside Corin Road

Whilst I was faffing around, Phillip discovered the start of the route down to Gibraltar Creek, evidenced by bike tracks over a little hump. This took us to an old fire trail and so to cross the creek. Wet feet.

Gibraltar Creek

The fire trail continued up and up and up. Nearly got gravel rash on our noses.

Old fire trail climbs the spur

It finally comes to a new fence at the area marked ‘Parking’ by the e-bike cachers.

Ridge-top fence

We crossed this fence a few times, thank goodness the tight lower wires are not barbed. But you need to be thin!

Turning left we faced another climb to the open grassy (and pig rooted) top of SH985.

Fire trail climbs further to SH985

Lovely all-round views from the top.

View from SH985

View from SH985

A quick find of geocache GC9550N One Hump or Two. We then headed back through the fence and down through open woodland to find GC8QW78 Booroomba Backmore. Contoured back to the fire trail. Great views to the 1030+m feature to the SW, where there are more geocaches.

1030+ feature from fire trail down from SH985

Back down at the ‘Parking’ area, we continued SW down a fire trail until it turned down to the SE. Thinking we could head up another 180vm through the bush to the other caches, wimpy me was put off by the dense scrub at the start of the climb. Retreated back to the ‘Parking’ area, tried to find GC954ZN Booroomba Again. With a hint of ‘Cap It’, I will have to return with a hammer and screwdriver.

Back down, recrossed Gibraltar Creek, removed wet boots and drove home.

Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track Spot Height 985 above Corin Road

The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.


2 walkers – Phillip, me.