Spring Creek Gorge

Thursday 19 April: Queanbeyan River & Spring Creek Gorge – M/R,X. From the day use area on Woolcara Lane, climb 150 metres through glades and scrub to the trig on Corner Hill, then descend 200 m to the large pool on the Queanbeyan River. Then upstream, mostly about 50 metres above the river with views of its pools and rapids, to the junction of Spring Creek. The creek has a small interesting gorge and several cascades. Return to the cars via ridge tops. About 11km and 400m climb, some rock scrambling and loose sloping ground but at a moderate pace, mostly forest with light scrub, and a few patches of thick scrub. The water quality in the river is similar to the Murrumbidgee’s. A one hour drive from Queanbeyan, suitable for larger 2WDs. Leader: Phillip S.

Further Information

Similar to 10 Aug 16.


Distance: 9.8km | Climb: 350m | Time: 8.50am – 2.10pm (5hrs 20mins), including 55 mins of breaks | Grading: M/M-R; M(9)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

Phillip is working hard to establish CBC Thursday walks, putting on a variety of trips to interesting locations. Today was no exception.

A very pleasant oval (very misshaped) route, starting from the day use area on Woolcara Lane. An elegant curve around and up through the scrubby band above the car park for us to mill around at the corner before Corner Hill. A lean-to constructed just down from the Corner Hill trig.

Generally open woodland walking, a little more scrubby as we descended to first touch the Queanbeyan River. A lovely pool for morning tea.

The next southern leg was high above the river, crossing a couple of dry gullies. Just for fun, a steep and scrubby descent back down to the river, back up over a little crest and then down to the confluence of Spring Creek and the Queanbeyan River for lunch on the sand by another pool.

Of course, what happens on a walk stays on a walk, so neither the names nor the gender of the scantily clad lunchtime swimmers will be revealed. However, we did see a couple of goats down the river.

After lunch, we explored up the Spring Creek Gorge till a deep pool stopped us. We climbed up a sharp spur on the true left side and enjoyed the view down below us:

Spring Creek Gorge from above

Our return was again pleasant walking through dry, open woodland.

A great round, thank you Phillip and all.

Track Map



10 walkers – Cynthia B, Dan, Janet D, Stephen and Lisa M, Mark P, Terrylea R, Chris R, Phillip S (leader), me.