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Saturday 15 September: Mt Foxlow – M/M. From the car park just off Woolcara Lane at the entrance to the Yanununbeyan Conservation Area, we will head off track up to Mt Foxlow where we will have lunch. Return initially along the fire trail then swing off track along a ridge through attractive light forest to cars. Leader: Phillip S.

Further Information

Previous trips to Mt Foxlow 19 May 15 and 14 Apr 12.


Distance: 13.0km | Climb: 680m | Time: 8.50am – 1.55pm (5hrs 5mins), including 40 mins of breaks | Grading: M/M; M(10)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

A very pleasant walk to Mt Foxlow. A while since I’ve been there. We started from Woolcara Lane near Primrose Valley Creek and finished south of the Applebox picnic area.

Six gentlemen, so we could let our hair down – as there was not much, things remained very couth.

A well planned route making the best of the lightly forested and open under-story spurs. After a little time on an old vehicle track we headed up the open Primrose Valley Creek, then generally east up a convenient spur . Morning tea on a knoll. A further gentle climb to cross McFarlanes Fire Trail and continue off-track to join the Foxlow Fire Trail. This took up to the Foxlow trig, a fine body of stonework and unadorned (the metal work lies nearby) wooden pole.

Too early for lunch and with a treed-in view, we walked back down McFarlanes FT, walked 400m of our ascent route, then headed south along a very pleasant ridge. As forecast, the wind was blowing strongly as a front approached, so Phillip dropped us down the lee side of the crest for lunch.

Three spurs run west down off the crest of the ridge and Phillip chose the third for our descent. It runs generally SW through SH1073. Between the 900m contour and Woolcara Lane, we crossed a dry drainage line a little choked with tea tree, the only ‘bush bashing’ required all day.

Thanks Phillip and all, a very pleasant little trip.

Track Map


Track Mt Foxlow


6 – Braham H, Brendan K, Michael, Phillip S (leader), Matthew W, me.