View to the west from ‘Lyrebird Rocks’

Butmaroo Range, Tallaganda National Park – M/R. The walk is in the northern section of Tallaganda National Park and starts on the Black Range Fire Trail about 5 kilometres north of the Forbes Creek Road. We’ll spend the day off-track on a meandering route through attractive tall forests on the Butmaroo Range. In the afternoon we’ll visit an interesting outcrop of pink granite boulders and old, gnarled trees. Much of the route is slow going and requires previous experience at equivalent of CBC “rough” grade walking. Leader: Ian W.


Distance: 12.3km | Climb: 500m | Time: 8.10am – 2.55pm (6hrs 45mins), including 55 mins of breaks | Grading: M/R; M(11+)


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Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

A 6.30am meet in Woden, picking up another car load in Queanbeyan at 7.00am. We drove via the Kings Highway, Captains Flat Rd, Briars Sharrow Rd, Plains Rd, Hoskinstown Rd to Rossi. Then Forbes Creek Rd, North Black Range Fire Trail to park at the junction with an unnamed fire trail. Around 1 hour from Queanbeyan.

We walked a little further up the North Black Range Fire Trail to the National park boundary, then struck off to the west along its southern border. Wasn’t long before the first (for me) snake of the season was spotted.

Copperhead snake

We continued west along the southern edge of the Park.

On the southern boundary of Tallaganda National Park

An early morning tea was called at 8.30am. Most welcome.

Morning tea

Refreshed, we continued NW then N down a spur towards an unnamed creek gully.

Descending into a major creek line

The only water we saw all day.

In the major creek line

Up out of the creek, the next leg took us east, NE and a bit more eastbefore turning south towards lunch.

The going north of lunch on the Butmaroo Range

Lovely timber.

The going 200m out from lunch

We passed one of the several lyrebird nests seen during the day.

One of several lyrebird nests seen during the day

Lunch was a well deserved break, as the temperature was up (probably around 26°C at this altitude) and the going required a lot of leg lifting.

A loop to the SW brought us to the feature of the day, aptly named by Ian as ‘Lyrebird Rocks’.

Approaching ‘Lyrebird Rocks’ from the SW at 1140m

Yet another cleverly positioned lyrebird nest as we approached.

Another lyrebird nest near ‘Lyrebird Rocks’

The area contained a wonderful collection of pink granite and Brown Barrel eucalypts.

Granite boulders and Brown Barrel near ‘Lyrebird Rocks’

At ‘Lyrebird Rocks’

At ‘Lyrebird Rocks’

We pressed though the tors, this one from below looked like a shark and, from a distance, a turtle or two.


We squeezed through a slot and gained wonderful views to the west all the way to Black Mountain tower.

The slot at ‘Lyrebird Rocks’

View to the west from ‘Lyrebird Rocks’, including Black Mountain tower

We circumnavigated the rocks, disturbing an owl. High tors on the western side.

Circumnavigating ‘Lyrebird Rocks’ – the western side

That just about finished the day. A kilometer or so through the bush to regain the fire trail, then back to the cars.

Another great Ian ‘the granite hunter’ trip, well led and a great party. Thanks all.

Track Map



7 walkers – Garry B, Greg B, Meredith H, David H, Terrylea R, Ian W (leader), me.