Eternity church walkers at the Kambah firestorm storytree

Sunday 15 March: Beryl Women’s Shelter Fund Raising Walk – Eternity church to Kambah Firestorm Storytree and return – S/E. Come and join us after church (∼12noon) as we walk from Eternity church east across Drakeford Drive and into Kambah to visit the Kambah Firestorm Storytree. Around 2km return and flat-ish. Map: Canberra. Leader: John Evans 0417 436 877 . Transport: Drive yourself. $5 donation hoped for.

Around 30 of us walked.


Distance: 1.8km | Climb: 32m | Time: 12.10pm-12.50pm (40mins), with 5 mins of breaks | Grading: S/E; VE(3)

Track Map



Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slideshow.

Track Notes

This is the shortest and most important walk I’ve ever done; next weekend will be the longest ‘day’ walk and most important walk I’ll ever do.

After church – and after we’d collected everyone (that’s you Kate) – we wandered carefully across Drakeford Drive and along the side of Sulwood Dr to the Kambah Firestorm Storytree. Here, the biggest mover and shaker of them all, Sue F, greeted us with chilled water and sumptuous grapes.

Meanwhile, non-walking church family members were having their cake and eating it too – a magnificent cooking effort and display by several master chefs in the church. Just oggle at that photo:

Eternity church ladies’ cake stall to fundraise for Beryl Womens Shelter

Highlights of the event:

• an eleven year old girl giving a huge amount of her pocket money and icing some beautiful biscuits
• walking with my son-in-law down from Sydney
• Lyn doing the walk (not on paths) with her wheely-walker
• the last donation of the day was a gold and some silver coins – it’s the largeness of the heart that determines the largeness of the donation.


∼30 walkers.