Saturday 15 April 2023: Fitzroy Falls – Manandoo Point – S/M. A drive to Fitzroy Falls to visit a number of lookouts to falls in the area. See trip description.


From Garmin Connect (MAP66i) – Distance: 13.21km | Climb: 284m | Time: 3:24 moving + 2:10 of stops = 5:34 | Grading: M/E-M; M(8).

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Track Notes

I have never walked in this area before. Information, including a schematic map, here.

Left Watson at 7.15am and arrived Fitzroy Falls car park 9.15am. Under Nowra Road and straight into the walk.

Beginning of the walks

It didn’t take long to get to the Fitzroy Falls Lookout.

View down Wildes Meadow Creek-Yarrunga Creek valley from Fitzroy Falls Lookout

And the fabulous falls.

Fitzroy Falls from Fitzroy Lookout Lookout

Enough yet?

We used the West Rim Walking Track to stop at all the lookouts.

The Jersey Lookout gave us views back to Fitzroy Falls.

Fitzroy Falls from Jersey Lookout

Richardson Lookout showed off the Yarrunga Creek valley down to Mt Carrialoo.

View from Richardson Lookout

Plenty of Mountain devils.

Mountain devil (Lambertia formosa) on the West Rim Walking Track

Fungi galore.

Coral fungus Ramaria sp) and Plate fungi on the West Rim Walking Track

Next was the Twin Falls Lookout.

The main Twin Falls – Yarrunga Creek goes over the edge

Then Paines Lookout.

View from Paines Lookout

Delightful walking along the damp parts of the cliff edge track.

The West Rim Walking Track

A footbridge took us across the creek that drops to form the minor of the Twin Falls, then down to The Grotto on it.

The Grotto

Next was Starkeys Lookout with more distant views back to Fitzroy Falls.

Fitzroy Falls from Starkeys Lookout

The last viewpoint was Renown Lookout.

Renown Lookout

From here we took the Redhill Trail to the SW, turning off it to the South into a burnt area. At a minute past elevenses, Jeff paused us for smoko. The burn must have been recent, with signs of new life emerging, including epicormic shoots.

Burnt gum tree regrowth at morning tea

Out of the sad burnt area, Jeff’s next POI was a stone ruin. He knows nothing of its history.


A few enquiries yielded nothing too specific.

The Illawarra Highlands Area of NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service quickly responded with some general information concerning the area and “I suggest the ruins may have been part of the European settlements built at the top of Fitzroy Falls during Charles Throsby and Timelong’s exploration of a route from the Southern Highlands, into Kangaroo Valley and to the coast. Looking at the stone work, similar ruins of buildings and walls can be found South West of the GR reference at Meryla Pass and Griffins walking track, which was the first route into the Valley. The Timelong Track or Meryla Pass was used in Cedar foresting and the workers would stay in small stone huts.

The Berrima District Historical & Family Society Inc provided “After searching through bushwalking maps and books couldn’t shed any light on ruins. Bundanoon Topographic Map shows that ruin was probably located on Portion 139 Yarrunga Parish which was a conditional purchase bought by Peter Patrick Gilmore Vol. 2564 Folio 29 in 1889. He was granted freehold title in 1915. The ruins look like the remains of a fire place with basic dwelling behind. Gilmore would have had to construct dwelling as part of conditions of original purchase.

Leaving this location, we entered a fabulous wet forest area. Different flora to what I usually walk in.

Pencil cedar (Polyscias murrayi) and Rough Tree Fern (Cyathea australis) in beautiful wet forest area

We reached Manandoo Point at 12.25pm, enjoying the view to the 120m cliffs. Manandoo Falls was tucked around the corner out of view.

Our return was pretty much the same way, although we skirted the wet forest area and walked more quickly through the burnt landscape. More signs of recovery.

New life in the burnt area

Returning views to Fitzroy Falls (you’ve probably seen enough, but if you want more, plus some extra snaps, scan through the photo album).

Back under Nowra Road and a coffee at the cafe.

Under Nowra Road

A fabulous walk location, great party, excellent leader. Thanks Jeff and all!

Track Map

Here’s where we went.

Track overview Fitzroy Falls to Manandoo Point

Track detail Fitzroy Falls

The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.


11 walkers – Jenny A, Jeff B (leader), Janet D, Kerrie F, Ute F, Dagmar K, Lisa M, Stephen M, Terrylea R, Lam S, me.

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