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Tuesday morning 14 November 2023: Red Hill Track at TNR ! – S/R,X. Finish the western leg of the Red Hill Track at TNR.


From Garmin Connect (Epix Gen 2) – Distance: 4.29km | Climb: 205vm (Elev Corrections Enabled) | Time: 0:46 moving + 1:49 of stops = 2:35 | Grading: S/R,X; M(8).


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gpx file

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Track Map

Here’s where I went.

Track overview Red Hill Trail – finish west side (on 2003 map)

Track detail Red Hill Trail – finish west side (on post-2003 map)

Trip Report

I was last on the Red Hill Track at TNR on 29 Jan 23 and 4 Nov 23.

Parked at Mountain Creek car park, had a chat with another walker and set off up the link track at 8.10am and onto the Camelback Fire Trail. 1.9km in 29 minutes to the Spur 1 junction. Had a look at the fire fighting tank.

Spur 1 Trail junction and fire fighting tank

Turned down the Spur 1 Trail a bit, then dropped into the top of the old Red Hill Track alignment.

The going between Spur 1 Trail and top of Red Hill Track

Hit the star picket E01 as on the two previous trips and followed the western leg, initially as I’d done on 4 Nov 23. Found an additional picket at 05AW and 06AW.


As with precious trip reports, you probably don’t want to see copious photos of shin high star pickets. If you do, checkout all the photos.

It’s quite an interesting area. Pretty rough going in places.

The going at the 08W, 09W, 10W cluster

I passed several old growth trees. 

Huge tree at 9.53am

Continuing to trace the route as best I could from the point I’d stopped last time, star pickets 11W and 12W were found.

But the most beautiful area was crossing a feeder creek to Mountain Creek.

The Track paralleled the creek for several metres once crossed.

Ferns in the creek line

Other old things about, apart from me.

Mossy plate fungi at 10.07am

No more star pickets (that I saw) as the going got less steep. The track alignment paralleled the creek, with the route discernible in many places. Some stinging nettles in an area – I know, as my knee brushed one.

Stinging nettle field

Wondering how far to go, I looked across the saw the car park.

Where am I – quite near the car

This a rather delightful little walk. I’d do it again. The western, damper side of the old Red Hill Track is a lot more pleasant than the dryer eastern side.


Just moi.


The AllTrails map is here, where you can pan and zoom.

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