On Mt Mavis | photo Jonathan Miller

Tuesday 10 April: Mt ‘Mavis’ – L/R. Mt Mavis is a high rocky tor, offering excellent views of southern and middle Namadgi. At 1711 metres, it is also a Percy and the ACT’s eleventh highest peak. We will start from the Nursery Swamp Car Park and follow the track up towards Nursery Swamp, and then a rough marked pad to Rendezvous Creek. From there, it is rough terrain through granite boulders and post-fire regrowth to the summit. We will return the way we came. This is a walk for the fit and scrub-tolerant. We will gather early to make the most of the available daylight. The walk is new for the leader. A previous trip report is available at www.johnevans.id.au/wp/20-may-2014-mt-mavis-summit/ Leader: Jonathan M.

Further Information

My 6th trip to Mt Mavis, others on 20 May 14, 2 Apr 11, 24 Nov 09, 17 Jun 08, 23 Sep 06.

‘Mt Mavis’ is a Canberra Bushwalking Club local name. Mt Mavis (SH1711) was named after Gary Medaris’s mother. Gary was a prominent and enthusiastic leader in his very early twenties in 1973. He phased out of club walking in late 70’s.


Distance: 16.7km | Climb: 1050m | Time: 7.30am – 4.55pm (9hrs 25mins), including 90 mins of breaks | Grading: L/R; VH(15)


Photographs are available, where you can start a large sized slideshow.


Waypoint and Track Files

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Track Notes

This is a substantial walk, by every metric – distance, height gained, thickness of scrub, lack of breath going up the hill.

Several European wasp traps hanging in the trees at the Nursery Swamp car park. They are a pest.

Away at 7.30am and did the Nursery Swamp Walking Track up to the top bend, down over the bridge and to the turn point – 2,4km in 35mins. Not my usual choice of route to the blue paint (and currently a tape) marking the start of the footpad over into Rendezvous Creek, but Jonathan wanted to experience both. Generally W through lightly vegetated woodland, but a band of shrubs before breaking out onto the clear flats. 240m in 4mins.

The footpad which heads west and down to cross Rendezvous Creek to the fireplace and camp site is well marked, both with the ageing blue paint daubs and a few red tapes. A pleasant walk. 2.5km in 50mins.

From here, Mt Mavis is a mere 3.1km across the ground, but a 600+ vertical metre climb. It’s hard going (even for me tucked in at the back of the party). It took us 2hrs 50mins, including a generous and well-appreciated 15mins morning tea. Jonathan hit the crest perfectly, around 60m NW of the top tor. We then winkled along the crest and scrambled up the top tor with the small cairn. I can list facts but not produce emotive words – Jonathan’s “drama of the Namadgi hills” was perfect:

Mt Burbidge, Mt Namadgi and Big Creamy Flats from Mt Mavis

Big Creamy Flats, Namadgi spur with Bimberi Peak over and NW up the Mavis Ridge from Mt Mavis

Distant Tidbinbilla Mountain, Thunder Bluff, Mt Orroral, Rendezvous Creek flats from Mt Mavis

Rendezvous Creek flats, Tinderrys on the horizon and ‘Mt Herlt’ from Mt Mavis

‘Mt Herlt’, nearby tors to the SE, Yankee Hats North and South from Mt Mavis

Nearby tors to the SE, Yankee Hats North and South, Mt Burbidge and Mt Namadgi from Mt Mavis

After drinking our fill (and posting to social media – Jonathan had promised me 4G), we retreated out of the breeze for lunch. Called home.

We left at 12.40pm and the return to Rendezvous Creek was 3.4km in 2hrs 35mins, including a 10min break. A well deserved afternoon tea at the camp site.

Our return to the car, via the pig trap and hop across Nursery Creek, was 5km in 1hr 25mins.

A fabulous day! Huge destination – first time for the other 3 in the party and +3 Percy points to our leader. Great navigation from a relaxed leader. Strong party and excellent company.

Track Maps

Track overview

Track 1

Track 2


Google Earth snip


4 walkers – Meredith H, Jonathan M (leader), David W, me.