Last updated 23Jun19

Yards beside Old Boboyan Road site

The Yards beside Old Boboyan Road site is located just on the east side of the road 500m north of the Naas Creek ford in the Namadgi National Park.

Location: GR 55H FA 77001-33708 (MGA94), Yaouk 8626-2N 1:25000

Yards on E of Old Boboyan Road marked on 1st edn map, July 2011

Visits: 19 Jul 11, 5 Mar 11

Photographs are available.


• KHA Namadgi database (private source). Site 171. Yards as shown on CMA Yaouk 1:25 000.

Gudgenby: A register of archaeological sites in the proposed Gudgenby National Park, J H Winston-Gregson MA thesis, ANU, 1978. Site B14. [was] Six strand wire fence; timber droplog; steel gates. Constructed by Noel Luton 1956 – N. Luton 12 June 1977.

• marked on 1st edition Yaouk 8626-2N 1:25000 topographic map.