Last updated 4Jul19

Richard Moores Cottage site

Richard Moores Cottage site is located within the precinct of Greenhills Conference Centre near the Cotter Reserve on private property.

Location: GR 55H FA 78076-88368 (MGA94), Cotter Dam 8627-2N 1:25000

Richard Moore’s Hut site, September 2008

Visits: 27 Sep 08

Photographs are available.


Sites of Significance in the ACT. A 9 volume set, pre-cursor to the ACT Heritage Register. Published in 1988 (Vols 1-7), 1989 (Vol 8) and 1990 (Vol 9); pp38-43. Site SU23. The site is the ruin of the principal homestead of the Moore family. Richard Moore had the stone house built in 1876 and it became the most substantial home in the Cotter area. In 1912 the Moores contested the Commonwealth’s resumption compensation and valuers’ estimates went as high as £546.

• Signage at site: This cairn commemorates the original settlement of Greenhills by Richard Moore in 1874. The property was resumed by the Commonwealth in 1908 and vacated by the Moore family in 1917. This cairn was erected by Don Moore in 1998.