Last updated 19Feb22

Rendezvous Creek Track

The Rendezvous Creek Track is a 2.3km loop from the Boboyan Rd car park to the edge of the Gudgenby grasslands in the Namadgi National Park. It has 2 bridge crossings of Rendezvous Creek and some bush furniture.

Location: Car park GR 55H FA 80575-44231 (MGA94); Bridge 1 GR 55H FA 80132-44229 (MGA94); Bridge 2 GR 55H FA 79688-44582 (MGA94); Bench and table GR 55H FA 79882-44401 (MGA94), Rendezvous Creek 8626-1S 1:25000

Upstream bridge | Downstream bridge on Rendezvous Creek Walk, June 2014

Visits: 19 Feb 22, many other times, 21 Jun 14, 21 Jul 12, 20 Mar 12, 8 Sep 10, 8 Sep 09

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• Signage at car park: Rendezvous Creek Track 2.3km return (1.5 hours) This walk follows Rendezvous Creek, past mossy boulders and through forest to an open grassy valley. Relax at the lookout and enjoy the beautiful views across to the Gudgenby Valley and to the Bimberi Wilderness. From the lookout the track links to the Rendezvous Creek Fire Trail and Rowleys Rendezvous Creek Hut site. The hut was burnt down in 2003 due to bushwalkers leaving the fireplace unattended.