Last updated 4Jul19

Reedy Creek Hut site

The Reedy Creek Hut site is located beside Reedy Creek near the Naas Valley Fire Trail in the Namadgi National Park.

Location: GR 55H FA 87166-39122 (MGA94), Colinton 8726-3N 1:25000

Reedy Creek Hut site, January 2009

Visit: 29 Jan 09

Photographs are available.


Gudgenby: A register of archaeological sites in the proposed Gudgenby National Park, J H Winston-Gregson MA thesis, ANU, 1978. Site GR7. Atop a knoll around which Reedy Creek makes its only major eastward curve. Three pieces of corrugated metal, a number of roughly shaped poles (none standing) and wire bound around three trees. Mentioned in the survey of neighbouring Portion 2 as “hut frame” (value £8). See extracts of the relevant pages in the photos above.