Last updated 7Oct14

Old ‘Little Ginini’ ski run site

The Old ‘Little Ginini’ ski run site is located from around SH1693 to below the Mt Franklin Rd in Bimberi Nature Reserve.

Location (approximate): GR 55H FA 59792-68573 (MGA94), Corin Dam 8626-1N 1:25000

Old ‘Little Ginini’ ski run W of Mt Franklin Rd – steel pole, June 2011

Visit: 18 Jun 11

Photographs are available.


• SH1793 between Mt Franklin and Mt Ginini used to be called Little Ginini. A ski run ran to the west, crossing the Mt Franklin Rd at approx UTM 55H 659683-6069098 (MGA94). There is a steel pole visible down from the road. Source: pers comm Matthew Higgins.